Determined to be the best

You will often see me and my fellow runners out in the early morning hitting the pavement to start the day, well before most people think about getting out of bed. This dedication to rise early and place one foot in front of the other takes determination and effort to go beyond the mediocre.

It’s not unlike the quest that ShowCase Magazine undergoes each year to locate those businesses in our community that shine and work to be outstanding. It is a process of editors, writers and photographers reviewing, interviewing and taking images in the pursuit to uncover the region’s BEST as it relates to dining and shopping.

In this ongoing quest to bring you clever and practical information about the region’s shopping and dining enclaves, our team is purposeful in sussing out those organizations that offer an uncommon experience, whether they’re small businesses or large establishments.

We are hereby pleased to present you with our 2013 “Best of Shopping and Dining Guide” available in ebook, Pinterest, and Facebook form at Showcasemedialive. com and of course in print. In this guide you will find a compilation of our best articles and places where the establishment goes beyond the normal to provide an outstanding experience throughout the year.

Congratulations to this year’s establishments that go well beyond the mediocre to offer our community their Best. This determination inspired us.

Kindest regards,
Robin Lucas