Fashion Forward – Day To Night For Fall

fall-fashionFall brings with it more than just a change of weather. For most of us it also signals a change of pace for work, family and social life. The easygoing, long days of summer give way to hectic work schedules, school commitments and a barrage of social functions. Days start early and often end late, leaving little time for a clothing change between events. To save time, and a little sanity, try these tips and tricks next time you find your day stretching beyond traditional hours.

Take a look at your current wardrobe and take an inventory. Do the items you have allow for an easy transition? Are they comfortable for long hours of continuous wear? If the answer is yes, then you are ahead of the game. If not, then it might be time to reassess and make a few changes.

Pieces that easily layer—think blazers, cardigans and cropped jackets—are essential and more versatile than you might realize. By simply removing or adding a cropped jacket, for example, you instantly give your look the ability to go from day to night. Going out for cocktails after work? Lose the jacket and let your accessories do the work.

Don’t neglect the importance of comfortable footwear. At the end of a long day, comfort will be at the forefront and will make a two-hour PTA meeting more tolerable. Keep a pair of outfit-appropriate flats on hand at all times.

Accessories will always help pull an outfit together. This fall, chunky statement earrings, faux-fur stoles and patterned tights will provide fresh and fashion-forward looks while still being easy go-to pieces for days that seem to end long after the sun goes down.