Transformation Salon & Spa

Newly opened spa & wellness center

Looking for a fresh, new look, or a complete transformation? Imagine finding yourself in a salon and spa with an uplifting and beautiful atmosphere—a salon and spa whose primary mission is your total well-being. Transformation Salon and Spa opened in May to provide this unique combination: a bridge between the typical salon and spa and a complete wellness center.

After 25 years in the wellness and beauty industry, Debora Hurter started Transformation Salon and Spa with a vision. “Not only will we be offering full hair, nail and spa services, we also have personal trainers, nutritional counseling, health and wellness coaching, as well as a personal stylist,” says Hurter.

Transformation services are all tailored to the unique individual. This isn’t a beauty salon where one style fits all, Hurter says. “In fact, only one style fits you, and we’re dedicated to finding and honing that vibrant and amazing you—that “transformation” which will reflect your personality, inspire confidence and make you shine!”

The innovative Transformation Spa considers a “transformation” not just from the outside in but also the inside out. “When you feel good, you just shine,” says Hurter. Along these lines, she is careful to consider the impact of products and is progressive in using products that are sulfate-free, paraben-free, and even one that is gluten-free.

We were quick to notice that the staff offers great service and an amazing experience. “Everyone on staff is a true artist!” says Hurter. “It was important to me when I started on this adventure that I had people with great vision and drive. There is so much creativity here, it buzzes.”

At Transformation Salon and Spa, Hurter makes customer service a priority. “The salon and spa have been designed to give you a relaxing, carefree environment. A place where you can close your eyes and forget all your stress, or you can come and kick up your feet and have a laugh! Where personalized care is the rule, not the exception. You will immediately feel the inviting and encouraging atmosphere. Come in for a transformation or just to see what the buzz is all about.”

For further information and to book your appointment, visit
8114 112th St Ct E | Puyallup

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