A Cave Of His Own

Featured in the Master Builders Tour of Remodeled Homes

Some men fantasize about owning the ultimate “man cave,” but one Tacoma man’s fantasy came to life, thanks to Phase II Inc. Having remodeled the client’s century-old home a few years ago, the Phase II remodeling contractors recently removed the badly deteriorated detached garage and created an attached one so inviting it won awards from the Master Builders Association at the Pierce County and state levels.

Project Manager Ronald Hjelm said, “The attention to detail is just over the top on this one. I think that’s what put it above and beyond the rest.”

The owner of this man cave races cars and likes to tinker with them too. “He wanted a place where he could get away from everyday life and relax,” Hjelm said, “but also a workable garage, not a show garage.”

It holds four cars and features a built-in air compressor, great lighting, a wall-mounted vacuum system, a workbench with stainless steel top, plenty of tool storage and more. “It has a cement floor with in-floor heat, so he can maintain whatever temperature he wants in the garage,” Hjelm said. The floor was stained red after getting a high polish with diamond grit.

Stairs lead to a workout room/home office space above; and a small basement below houses the air compressor, hot water tank and the boiler for the in-floor heat. Hjelm covered a wall with rustic tongue-and-groove boards recycled from the old garage. The windows add a vintage look.

“One of our main challenges was keeping it in line with a house that was built a hundred years ago,” Hjelm said. “Even though it’s brand new, it looks like it’s
part of the house. We painstakingly tried to make every detail look the same.”

You can view the award-winning details yourself during the Master Builders Tour of Remodeled Homes on September 29 and 30 from 10am to 5pm.


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