Financial Insights Celebrates 40 Years

Serving well over 600 clients in the Puget Sound Area, Financial Insights is an independent wealth management and retirement planning firm that is second-generation, family owned and operated. With a corporate philosophy to always include service to their community as one of their core missions, Financial Insights is celebrating their 40th Anniversary this year.

“We strive to always put our stakeholders first. And those stakeholders are not only our clients, but also our staff and community,” said Ali Criss, President of Financial Insights.

The value of community first is one Criss shares with her partners Dorothy Lewis, the CEO and founder of Financial Insights in 1981, and with Mike Dunbar, Principal. It is at the heart of what drives all three of them.

Whether it is teaching educational seminars or using their expertise to serve as board members or on advisory committees of local foundations, community colleges and various charities, employees of Financial Insights are committed to their core mission to support their community.

“Our team of sixteen is highly focused on relationship building with each other, our clients and within our community,” added Criss.

One example is the Wisdom with Women speaker series that is presented monthly. Featuring local female professionals, topics vary from estate planning to real estate. These complimentary programs are open to everyone and are designed to enhance knowledge and make attendees feel more comfortable in the financial space.

“I feel most valuable when I’m helping women who’ve never managed their own money. As a female-run firm, our team has so much empathy to assist other women,” said Criss. “I also want to help the most vulnerable populations build wealth while investing in long-term, conservative investments,” she added.

The team at Financial Insights will mark the occasion of their 40th Anniversary with a party in their new 7500 square foot offices at the top of the Carlton building across from the Tacoma Art Museum. Typically, they host their Annual Community & Friends Holiday Party in winter. But, because of COVID restrictions, the party is delayed to late 2021 or early 2022.

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