Merle Norman: More than a Cosmetic Store

Even though it’s been reopened since June 1 of last year, the owner of Lacey’s Merle Norman Cosmetics, Wigs and Day Spa, Madelin White, answers phone calls every day asking if they are open. Approaching five decades in business, White proudly says yes and encourages people to visit. “We are open, and we also ship out product every day,” said White in a recent interview.

White’s father first brought up the idea of starting up a beauty related business those many years ago because he viewed it as having the ability to withstand the downturns. He was right.

“I’ve owned this Merle Norman business for 47 years and survived eight recessions. And, we will make it through this too,” White proclaimed. This, of course, refers to the pandemic and all the issues it brought with it.

Diversification has also proved to be a strong strategy that has sustained the Lacey location when others around the state and country have fallen. What started out as a beauty endeavor grew into so much more.

The store, of course, sells a wide variety of Merle Norman cosmetics, and the namesake company is the last remaining cosmetic producer to manufacture in the United States after 90 years. White’s store provides personalized services including free and specialty makeovers, but goes many steps further by offering facials, including a wide variety of masks from Miracol to Charcoal to Bubbly, waxing services, massage therapy, and hair care/styling.

According to White, “We have three amazing hairdressers, each having well over 25 years of experience.” To add to the ambiance of the salon, all three stylists have private rooms. Additionally, the Spa houses a large room to try things on and a secluded area to try on wigs.

With a huge offering of wigs varying in price points, styles and materials, the Spa offers discounts for people going through chemotherapy and cancer treatments. They sell turbans and head coverings as well to assist people in camouflaging their treatment’s side effects.

Merle Norman Cosmetics, Wigs and Day Spa
3925 8th Av SE, Lacey