Red Wind’s Seafood Restaurant

At Nisqually Red Wind Casino’s Seafood Restaurant, guests enjoy the freshest catch in the Pacific Northwest, says Executive Chef Roberto Los Banos.

With an established reputation in the area, the restaurant is popular among sushi lovers, as well as fans of well-presented, traditional seafood fare. The sushi and noodle bar, featured on the menu Tuesday through Saturday, attracts a number of regular guests, according to Los Banos.

“The response has been very gratifying. Frequent travelers have told us that—from New York to LA—this is the best sushi they’ve ever eaten. They see how much love—how much “aloha”—goes into every meal,” says Los Banos, a native Hawaiian.

“Aloha,” he explains, translates into carefully selecting food sources, applying expert cooking techniques and creating a first-class dining experience in a comfortable setting. Indeed, part of the restaurant’s appeal is the option to choose a quiet, cozy table or a seat at the seafood bar, where you can watch your food being prepared.

“Guests at the seafood bar can ‘feel the heat,’” says Los Banos. “We keep them entertained and offer a unique opportunity to interact with our chefs. We field questions about our seasonings and recipes throughout the experience. You can watch how your plate is being built and the process of how it gets from the kitchen to the table.”

Another menu option that has grown in popularity is “Eventide.” This three-course meal is offered every Tuesday through Thursday from 4 to 7 p.m. Eventide includes the choice of a starter, entrée and dessert. According to Los Banos, this weekday special gives his team the opportunity to treat guests to a highquality meal at a very reasonable price.

While menu options and presentations evolve over time, guests at the seafood restaurant can be sure one thing will never change, says Bob Darling, restaurant manager. “No matter what our chefs prepare, it’s never far from harvest to plate.”

He adds that Northwest tribal fishermen provide the restaurant with the very best salmon and halibut. Produce is local and seasonal. Oysters and clams come from local shellfish farms, and foods not raised locally are carefully sourced from tribes throughout the United States.

Nisqually Red Wind Casino’s Seafood Restaurant is a fresh option with beautiful presentations and sushi that serve up the love in an unexpected package.

Seafood Restaurant at Red Wind Casino
12819 Yelm Hwy SE, Olympia