Fashion Faves

Suffice it to say, I have a thing for… things. If springtime is the season of love, then I guess I’m pretty sprung. And it’s not just a crush. I’m in love with fashion accessories.

Once February flees the style scene, I want to cast off this wooly winter scarf and kick my beat-up rain boots to the curb. Give me sassy shawls and bright baubles. Sashay me down the streets in strappy sandals. Swing print-pretty purses from my shoulder. Jazz up my jewelry and dish up fresh décor details for my home.

I’m in love with unique accessories that stand apart from the crowd but can still turn a roomful of heads when I wear them. I choose handmade over mass-produced. I buy local but act global. I prefer artisan to automatic. I crave quality over quantity. So I’ve got a list here of all my locally designed fashion favorites. You won’t want to miss a single dangle or bangle to fall in love with this spring!

Tiffanie Peters Jewelry, Olympia

New American Design, Tacoma | 253.297.5560

Annette B. Boutique, Tacoma | 253.761.0984

Creative Forces by Carolyn, Fircrest | 253.566.0818

Linda Danforth Designs, Tacoma | 253.756.5544

Vintage Creations, Des Moines | 206.550.6664

Art Process Studio & Gallery, Tacoma | 253.307.9680

Vinosus® Jewelry, Tacoma | 206.898.1542

Organik, retailed at Envy, Tacoma

Tammy Robackr