Spring Makeovers

Anyone who has experienced a spectacularly bad haircut may be tempted to swear off all stylists. Yet, one must admit that as a style refresher, nothing beats the thrill of trying on a dramatically new ‘do. For our makeover feature, Showcase visited Tacoma’s Embellish Multispace Salon. We think you’ll agree, the results are amazingly fresh, revitalizing, and easy to wear.

Rebecca Solverson
Age: 22
Occupation: Public art assistant
Off the clock: Active lifestyle
Rx: Color boost
[Photo: Rebecca’s vintage
shirt & jeans, Urban Xchange.
Necklaces, Lisa Kinoshita for

Chris Lehfeldt
Age: 34
Occupation: Cable technician
Off the clock: Musician/deejay
Rx: Grooming update
[Photo: Chris’s vintage shirt and jeans available at Urban
Xchange. Bracelet, Lisa Kinoshita for 253heart.com]

Carol Munsey
Age: 48
Occupation: Deputy state surgeon of the
Washington Army National Guard
Off the clock: Pilates and ballet instructor
Rx: Dimensional cut and color
[Photo: Carol’s dress by Doucette Duvall available
through Dame Lola. Necklace & earrings, Mineral]


Embellish Multispace Salon [hair & makeup]
Patricia Lecy-Davis, makeup
1121 Court D, Tacoma | 253.752.8144

Urban Xchange [clothing]
1934 Pacific Ave, Tacoma | 253.572.2280

Dame Lola [styling & clothing] Rebecca Dashow Baldwin

Mineral [jewelry] Lisa Kinoshita, before photos
301 Puyallup Ave, Tacoma | 253.250.7745

Jessica Alexander [Jewelry] jessicaalexander.blogspot.com
253heart.com [jewelry] Steve Naccarato | 253.988.7031

Jason Ganwich [photography] jasonganwich.com