take a walk off the beaten path

beaten-path2Remember the days of soda shops, vintage cars and a celebrated kind of innocence? If you’re looking for a slice of Americana or just feeling nostalgic, a quaint reminder is tucked in the rustic setting of Off the Beaten Path. A walk down the aisles of the store evokes simpler times wrapped in comfort and friendly faces. With a love of all things from days past and a compassionate sense of neighborly charm, co-owners Joanne Loudin and her mother, Lorna Hill, lead you on a trip down memory lane.

Discover Off the Beaten Path, and you’ll find a place of buried treasures: antique photos, frames and candle holders, plus tools and typewriters. To walk through the store is to discover, and what you soon realize is that everything has a story. From the smallest trinket to the turn-of-the-century rolltop desk, there is history, and the only thing more intriguing is the people behind them.

It’s “where yesterday’s memories become today’s treasures,” Loudin says, quoting her mother with a smile that speaks of true devotion for who they are and what the place is about. To learn their story is to find truth and solidarity in the memories, collectibles and those who seek a piece of nostalgia from before our “plugged in” era.

Off the Beaten Path has been part of the community for over 22 years. Loudin took over the business four years ago and has since expanded to a larger space, offering more room for vendors of every caliber. Devoted to the community, the owners have been sponsors of local events, food drives and charitable organizations each year since their doors opened. They not only operate in the community but go that extra mile to have an impact on it.


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Off The Beaten Path
1109 Main St, Sumner