award-winning modern home design

home-design1Maria Meconi and Robin Vaughn envisioned a modern home with clean lines and an open concept. They toured several home shows and finally discovered a modern design by the Artisans Group of Olympia.

In October 2013, they began the architectural design process with the Artisans Group. As Tessa Smith, owner and architect, recalls, “Maria and Robin were great about sharing their vision. This was going to be a home for a family. It had to truly be functional art and needed to look good messy, covered in little girls’ shoes and teddy bears, and then be a swanky spot to drink a cocktail.”

Vaughn agrees, explaining, “We were purposeful in planning the space so that it was functional and livable. We wanted really open space and tall ceilings, but this can sometimes be cold. Due to the lighting and color choices, however, the space is warm and cozy.”

The homeowners’ vision became a reality when they moved into the modern 2,900-square-foot home in Boston Harbor, north of Olympia, this past June. In August, the home was featured on the Olympia Master Builders tour. “Nearly 400 people came through the house in two days,” says Vaughn. “It was a little nerve-wracking to say the least. In the end, we won five awards including People’s Choice Best of Show. It was really satisfying knowing so many people enjoyed our home.”


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