Vital Rejuvenation

vital-rejuvenationWellness is a melding of a healthy body and mind, says Dr. Patricia Sylwester of Vital Rejuvenation in Olympia. And wellness is what her team strives to achieve with every client.

“Our approach is preventative and holistic, instead of symptom driven,” she explains. “Our primary goal is to help patients achieve optimal health and beauty.”

A local physician for 29 years, Sylwester first specialized in urgent care medicine, and she owned Pacific Walk-In Clinic in Lacey for 10 years. Upon becoming more interested in preventative models of medicine, she pursued a fellowship in Anti-aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine. She also explored aesthetic medicine as a complement to the other disciplines.

In November 2013 she opened Vital Rejuvenation with her husband, Michael Farley, a nutrition and lifestyle counselor. Her mission was to create a complete health
care rejuvenation practice with capabilities in her specialty areas, plus laser and light skin therapies.

The program’s foundation is nutritional, says Sylwester, who believes that proper nourishment is fundamental to health. Besides dietary intervention and supplementation, she prescribes specific movement and exercise, stress reduction techniques, hormonal balance, and restorative sleep. Her practice addresses diabetes, high blood pressure, body weight, digestive issues, hormonal concerns, brain health and other health concerns. Thus, she sees a broad spectrum of patients, many of whom have previously been through traditional medical systems without improvement.

“Clients are looking for solutions and are motivated to make significant changes in their lives,” she says. “We see people that care about their health and who are willing to do everything they can to achieve optimal levels of wellness.”


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