Lose The Tie!

Lose the tie and get dad a gift that will improve his health and his golf swing.

Today increasing numbers of men are realizing that day spas provide much needed rest and relaxation services. The most common day spa treatment for men is the massage, sports and hot stone being the most popular. Sports massages are the perfect muscle release for golfers, runners, tennis players and anyone who sits at a desk too.

The concept of how men should look depends on what they view as being attractive. Men look at the males on TV and in magazines just like women do. They may decide they aren’t as attractive as they could be due to excess hair on their back and on their chest. This can be easily resolved by going to a day spa for waxing. It won’t come back as quickly as when they shave it themselves!

There are special types of facials for men as well. Specially designed facials can help skin to remain young looking and prevent wrinkles and lines from appearing. Some men suffer from their skin being dried out. A good facial will help to ensure they have gorgeous looking skin.

Generally speaking, men have realized that spas not only have positive effects on their skin and sporting aches but also aid in reducing their stress levels. Men are recognizing that by taking care of their skin they not only look younger but their skin also looks smoother after shaving. The benefits of visiting a spa after a sports workout has also been noted and a number of sports related massages have been designed to alleviate stress, improve muscle aches, increase circulation as well as improve flexibility in support of sports training.

If Dad has a closet full of ties and all the ‘World’s #1 Dad’ coffee mugs he can handle, you might very well become his hero this year by presenting him with a gift of health and wellness from a local spa. Don’t be surprised if they book the next treatment before you do!

V Spa
360. 352.3401 • www.thevspa.com
4833 Tumwater Valley Dr SE, Tumwater
Sports Massage, 30min $42; 60min $68; 90min for $100
From the professional athlete to the weekend warrior, this is
a treatment specifically designed to help enhance your sport
performance and reduce your injuries. Who knows, it might
even take a few strokes off your game!
Men’s Fitness Facial, 60min $75
This facial is specially designed for a man’s skin and senses.
This facial enlists the help of nutrient rich agents to address the
areas neglected by the shave and soap approach. A deep pore
cleansing is followed by an oxygenating mask which rejuvenates
the skin leaving it healthy, toned and invigorated.

Dolce Vita Spa
253.826.5556 • www.dolcevitadayspa.com
18401 Sumner-Buckley Highway St E, Bonney Lake
Signature Hot Stone Massage, 90min $110
This unique massage uses heated basalt stones in a variety
of techniques. The weight and heat from the stones work
to alleviate tension within the muscles, helping to increase
circulation, balance energy and relieve stress.
Men’s Back and Neck Massage, 45min $55
Men’s Back Waxing, $65 and up

Gene Juarez
Tacoma and Puyallup • www.genejuarez.com
Men’s Cleanse & Restore Facial, 60min $95
Ease the irritation from shaving and keep your skin healthy, smooth,
balanced and revitalized. This customized facial includes deep
cleansing, exfoliation, facial and neck massage, mask application
and a face and eye moisturizer to hydrate and restore the skin.

Don Cannon