8 Ways To Appear A Decade Younger

How to reverse the aging process without hassle, pain, and sticker shock? To find out, we tapped experts across the South Sound to pin down the best ways to look younger. We sought out the most promising, and dipped into some of the scientific research, we spoke to clients who’ve had both good and bad experiences and played the guinea pig when necessary. The result is a list of eight easy, sustainable ways to reclaim vitality—something that is rightfully yours.

1. Make Yourself an Appointment For Lash Extensions
Disney knows well the power that mile-long lashes have to give the impression of femininity and youth. Now you will too. Lashes and Locks, 19902 South Prairie Rd E, Bonney Lake, 253.862.2100, lashesandlocks.com

2. Get Monthly Massages
Relaxing rubdowns increase circulation which delivers nutrients and oxygen to collagen fibers, aiding in the preservation of elasticity. They detoxify the body, banish painful knots, help improve posture, and—most importantly—de-stress and set clear your head. Club Biella Spa & Salon, 1515 Commerce St, Tacoma, 253.682.2005, clubbiella.com

3. Steer Clear of Simple Carbs
For every gram of sugar we consume, our bodies retain three grams of water. So we don’t just feel bloated after a big bowl of ice cream, our skin actually is bloated.

4. Vibrant Wardrobe
An alluring flirty dress and 15 Hour sexy heels provide vitality and style from morning ‘til night. Schedule a personal shopping consultation. Belleza Ropa, 101 Capitol Way N, Olympia, 360.352.ROPA(7672), bellezaropa.com

5. Good Posture
It turns out mom really did know best— at least when it came to slouching. Improving posture not only looks better aesthetically, but if your posture is better, you’ll live longer and have lower chances of chronic diseases, increasing your life expectancy.

6. Smooth Out with a Keratin Treatment
Hair gets dryer and frizzier as we age; revert back to your youthful days of glossy locks by adding keratin, the protein naturally found in hair. Vamp Salon and Spa, 1117 Broadway Plaza, Tacoma, 253.579.1081, vampsalonandspa.com

7. Strength Training
Even the less-ripped among us are probably aware of the research findings: Lean muscle mass increases metabolism, boosts stamina, builds strength, and supports longevity. 5th Avenue Fitness & Progressive Body Systems at 505 Plum St SE in Downtown Olympia, 360.352.2533, 5avefitness.com

8. Teeth Whitening
If a dingy set of noshers doesn’t do you any favors in the first impressions department, it does even less in the youthfulimpressions department; people associate darker teeth with older age. For intense brightening: take home kits and in-office ZOOM whitening. Rainier Dental, Bonney Lake, Sumner and Tacoma offices, 253.826.8800, rainierdental.com