The Washington Center For The Performing Arts

Home For The Arts

The Washington Center for the Performing Arts is the South Puget Sound’s largest performing arts facility committed to providing a wide variety of entertainment and cultural activities for the residents of five counties. Located in the heart of Washington state’s capital city, WCPA has also become a home for the arts. It has grown into a community gathering place, providing a focus for the performing arts unique to the region.

According to Anne Larsen, director of marketing for WCPA, the group’s biggest goals are community outreach and collaboration with their artistic partners. “We have over 30 artistic partners and these various performing arts organizations range in genre to include a diverse collective of groups from ballet and symphony to choirs and theater groups,” she said.

Having opened in 1985, the center presents its own season of national and international touring artists from a broad spectrum of genres and styles. Its real purpose, however, is to provide the support services needed by the many local performance groups that call the center home.

“We at Ballet Northwest are grateful for our longstanding partnership with the Washington Center. Not only does the center provide a wonderful venue for our large-scale productions like The Nutcracker, they have partnered with us to create the much-loved Olympia Dance Festival, which brings the South Sound dance community together,” said Ken Johnson, co-artistic director at Ballet Northwest.

This past March, WCPA hosted its first fundraising breakfast at Indian Summer Golf and Country Club. “We had over 200 people hear our message and raised $25,000 to support future efforts, such as allowing the continuation of nonprofit and educational discount rates. Those funds give us the ability to survive and stay sustainable,” said Larsen.


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