Evergreen Eye Center Exclusive

Bladeless Cataract Surgery

Almost everyone eventually develops cataracts, and cataract removal is the most common surgical procedure in America. But there is nothing common about how it is done at Evergreen Eye Center in Federal Way. This is the first medical facility in Washington state to acquire the FDA-approved LenSx femtosecond laser, offering a breakthrough in the science of refractive cataract surgery. It’s “cutting edge” technology, but without a blade.

“There are evolutions in medicine, and there are revolutions in medicine,” said Rick Boudreau, Evergreen’s marketing director and practice manager. “You can go anyplace and get cataract surgery, and maybe you’ll get a great result. But we’re going to more consistently give you a great result, because the laser is just more accurate.”

Removal of the clouded lens and replacement with a man-made intraocular one in conventional surgery involves using a hand-held blade to cut a circle as close to perfectly round as is humanly possible. But even the best doctors can’t match the precision of the LenSx laser. It eliminates human error and uncertain outcomes.

After exact, customized positioning, the laser makes tiny incisions that close without sutures, causing far less trauma to the eye and avoiding surgery-induced astigmatism. In fact, it corrects existing astigmatism and, along with multifocal replacement lenses, usually eliminates any need for glasses. The whole procedure takes only about 15 minutes. Vision improvement is predictable, instant, and life-changing.

“There are people who are 85 years old, who have worn glasses since they were 8, who are completely free of glasses today,” Boudreau said.

Pioneering ophthalmologist John S. Jarstad, M.D., founded Evergreen Eye Center in 1989. Evergreen has expanded to four locations, but only the ambulatory surgery center in Federal Way has the LenSx laser.

“This is a game-changer,” Boudreau declared. “We are so excited about this technology.”


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