Crown Beverage Company Expansion

When Crown Beverage Packaging, once known as Continental Can Company, opened in Olympia in 1959 its primary customer was Olympia Brewing.  Now, more than six decades later the company produces five million aluminum cans a day for the major “beverage fillers” in the region.

While production of 5 million 12 oz standard aluminum cans per day may seem like a phenomenal amount, the demand for their product is even higher.  Crown Beverage Packaging is expanding their production facility to accommodate additional high-speed manufacturing lines.

The new high-speed manufacturing line will produce an additional 4 million cans per day in the 15,000 square foot expansion as well as increase the team of 118 full-time employees by another 40 positions.   The increased capacity will allow production of newer specialty cans including a 16 oz can often containing energy drinks; a 12 oz tall slim can, and the shorter 8 oz can.

According to Tony Ellison, Plant Superintendent for Crown Beverage Packaging, “Expansion of the plant was a strategic decision.  The Olympia facility is the oldest in North America, but it is also unparalleled in efficiency.”  He added that, “There is a well-defined culture here where the employees have a lot of ownership and take pride in their work.”  

The expanded facility will host a new carbon capture unit which is designed to reduce the plant’s air emissions by 98%.  Couple the new equipment with their existing policy of using 100% recycled aluminum and Crown Beverage Packaging will improve on their sustainability goals as well as modernization.

Working hand in hand with Economic Dev Council and Thurston Co. Chambers, Ellison will proudly be commissioning the new line in July and begin running can production in August.  Joining his team will be 40 near positions, primarily “maintainers” that will be put through a rigorous training process involving more than 6,000 training hours.

Olympia and Crown Beverage were recently recognized as the Economic Development Project of the Year.  According to WEDA, the Project of the Year celebrates the successful creation of a “creative, economically significant … project in a community.”