Cheese Lovers Guide

cheese2From the Skagit Valley to Pike Place Market to the heart of the Palouse, Washington state produces some of the world’s tastiest cheese. Cheese lovers agree that Washington’s artisan cheeses are delicious and worthy of praise. In fact, several Washington cheeses have been recognized not only locally, but globally, for their superior flavor and quality.

Below is a list of Washington’s best cheese destinations, where specialty cheeses are sure to satisfy even the most distinguished of cheese lovers.

Appel Farms – Ferndale
Owned and operated by the Appels, a family full of cheese experts, this 900-cow dairy operation produces some of the most exceptional cheeses in the state—Bacon Cheddar, Jalapeno Gouda and Maasdammer, a cheese with Dutch origins.

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese – Seattle
Its Pike Place Market location gives visitors a peek at the time-tested cheese-making process. Beecher’s signature Flagship cheese has won several awards.

Jacobs Creamery – Chehalis
Jacobs is known for its Bloomy Cheese, Pepper Jack Cheese and hand-churned butter. The butter has a rich, nutty flavor derived from the combination of the best Irish fresh cream butter and French cultured butter. Each batch is handchurned.

Kurtwood Farms – Vashon Island
A dozen Jersey cows produce the milk for this farm’s cheese, all of which are handmade, wrapped and personally delivered. Kurtwood Farms’ artisanal cheeses include Dinah’s Cheese, Flora’s Cheese and LogHouse.

cheeseMt. Townsend Creamery – Port Townsend
Mt. Townsend’s credo is to create products that reflect the flavor of the local landscape and to educate customers to understand and appreciate cheese culture. Its cheeses include Red Alder, Campfire, Cirrus and New Moon. New Moon is a buttery, slightly sweet cheese with butterscotch undertones and the texture of Monterey Jack.

Special thanks to the Washington State Dairy Association