The Star of the Neighborhood: Cooks Tavern

Named by readers as a new favorite in the ShowCase Magazine 2017 readership poll, Cooks Tavern has quickly risen to stardom with its cozy neighborhood atmosphere and mouthwatering menu. Located near the Proctor neighborhood in North Tacoma, Cooks Tavern will easily become your go-to spot any day of the week for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Cooks Tavern offers patrons a solid assortment of dishes that celebrate the food of the Americas, with a healthy shot of comfort foods. From Montreal to Memphis to Machu Picchu, a new menu is debuted every four months celebrating the food, beverages and cultures of a different region of North, Central or South America. Its summer of 2017 offering of Cuban-inspired entrees took your taste buds to the Caribbean with flavorful bites such as shredded pork, grilled Bistec de Palomilla, spiced and grilled gulf shrimp, plantain chips, and grilled pineapple.

If your tastes prefer to stay closer to home, the dinner menu includes a choice of small and large plates that will elevate any day. You’ll always find a fine roast chicken, a cast iron griddled steak and a simply grilled local fish. The perfect pairing for any of these meals can be found in a Northwest beer on tap or bottle of wine. For the more adventurous, a selection of cocktails inspired by the region of the rotating menu may be a better fit.

Breakfast fanatics can satisfy their appetite at any time of day. “One of our foundations as a neighborhood restaurant is to always have breakfast on the menu,” says owner Peter Levy. The morning menu rolls out at 8 a.m. featuring “not so early bird” specials, fresh-cracked egg omelets and Belgian waffles, a few of which transition to dinner offerings as well.

“We’ve been very happy to become part of this community,” says Levy. “Everyone has been so genuine and appreciative.” And that’s a two-way street for Cooks Tavern. The restaurant has hosted four fundraisers since opening in June 2016 to support two local elementary schools, the Children’s Museum of Tacoma and a school in Tacoma’s sister city of Cienfuegos, Cuba.


Cooks Tavern
3201 North 26th St, Tacoma