The Useful and the Eclectic: Fruffles in Centralia and Astoria

Eclectic design says a lot about a person, whether it’s wearable design or décor for the home. Everyone has a specific style they want to convey, and Fruffels is the place to find it.
Fruffels specializes and excels in distinctive gifts, home décor and wearables for women and men. With locations in Centralia and Astoria, the shop’s diverse offerings have customers stopping by to see what’s new every time they drive through town. As Michelle Peak Dragoo posted on Fruffels’ Facebook page: “I love this place! It’s like a wonder emporium for us adults!”

The offerings in Fruffels are seemingly endless. Just take a peek at the online shop and you’ll get an idea of what all is in store. There are lotions and candles, lamps and mirrors, vibrant floral arrangements and hand-painted fruit and veggie bowls. In the boutiques, the items are beautifully placed to showcase their capabilities for utility or decoration.

“A little this, a little that, something for everyone in every price range” is the description for Fruffels’ online store. Imagine one place that offers a dragon or octopus puppet for children, nautical cufflinks for men, and unusual leather purses for women. That’s Fruffels.

Besides home decor and kitchen gadgets, Fruffels also offers design services. These include residential and corporate design, room makeovers, landscape design, and space planning. Customers can use these services to remodel an outdated room or simply to refresh their home by rearranging what they already have. Refreshing and remodeling a home is a “science” that Fruffels is expert in and enjoys putting to use to help others.

For more information about store locations or to peruse the online shop, visit Fruffels on Facebook or at Stop by once and you’ll have a similar reaction to customer Patricia Riffe: “Love your shop and stop there every time I’m in Centralia!”