Gift Guide 2018

We scoured the area and compiled this list of our favorite gifts.

Glassy Baby: votive glass candles
Each hand-blown glass votive is a work of art. As unique as the individual who chooses one, formed by eight hands, born in the USA, each with its own name, one of a kind. Kind of like you.
Indoor Skydiving
Experience the thrill of skydiving without jumping from a plane.
~$79 and up
Batdorf and Bronson gift set
Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters would love to send you and the people you love coffee cheer for the holidays.
Copper River Knife
Chopping it up, Alexandra Paliwoda’s handforged knife’s curved, easy-grip handle and beveled blade allow the knife to make quick work of fresh herbs, cheese, and crispy pizza. A hand-forged, notched steel stand offers convenient storage and display.
Out of print tote
Out of Print turns beloved books into wearable fashions like tote bags and T-shirts to spread the joy (and importance) of reading to communities in need. For each product sold, a book is donated.
Artisan stoppers
Hand crafted, locally made, wood wine stoppers by Peter Yohann.