Farm 12: Giving Back Step By Step

At the old Van Lierop Bulb Farm #12 in the beautiful Puyallup Valley, there is a first-class, full-service restaurant and event venue where 100% of the profits go to a charity called Step By Step.

Step by Step’s growing organization needed a new location to support their expanding programs, and they saw a unique opportunity to preserve a beloved farm site and repurpose it to support and serve the surrounding community. When they purchased the farm in 2015,the Step By Step family didn’t have a history of running a farm or growing flowers. They had been growing something else – strong families. For over 20 years, this nonprofit organization had been holistically serving and supporting low-income and at-risk mothers and families,working to help empower them to overcome adversity and work towards brighter futures

While it remains a familiar Puyallup location, the farm had a broad new vision for the future. Each building on the farm was repurposed, and the site is now home to the Germaine Korum Center, named after the founding donors for the project. Step By Step’s headquarters are here, as well as a family counseling and educational center, job training and workforce preparation facility, a culinary training program, a greenhouse – where flowers still grow – and, Farm 12 Restaurant.

Today, the farm has been transformed into a renewed place with purpose, one that will offer a unique and beautiful space to enrich lives and holistically strengthen families in our community – for generations to come. Step By Step’s Founder and Executive Director, Krista Linden, says she loves the quote, “You cannot be anything you want to be – but you can be a lot more of who you already are.” She says that the focus becomes helping women to find out what they are naturally good at and help them hone skills in that area

There are many fun activities to do at Farm 12, ways to be involved and opportunities to support the mission. You can host your party or event at the rustic barn, elegant event hall, or Loveland greenhouse, all of which combine to offer a variety of unique and beautiful backdrops, including a sweeping outdoor view of Mt. Rainier. Or simply visit and enjoy a lunch or breakfast at Farm 12.

Farm 12 is a farm-to-family restaurant that empowers people to eat well and do good. Made from scratch, their food is wholesome, thoughtfully prepared, and often inspired by fresh ingredients sourced from local farms. All activities go to support women and families through Step by Step. LEAH GROUT

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