The Commencement Condominiums

The Commencement Condominiums
5219 N. Shirley St, Ruston

You left the city eleven days ago. A few last-minute calls caught you at the airport, before a 16-hour flight delivered you to a village that soothed the office from your mind.

It was worth the extra cost to stay in one of the two royal suites at the resort tucked into this seaside town. Your rooms are in part of the hotel few guests ever see—where the art and furnishings are real and the view is truly amazing.

As the sun sets, you linger on the balcony, thirstily soaking up every detail of the ocean bay.

You resign yourself to packing, but muse that there must be a way to live like this without abandoning the benefits of city life.

There is.

Set to open in Ruston in March, The Commencement promises a standard that starts at luxurious and builds from there, with quality in the details and appreciation for the Puget Sound’s unique combination of cultural and natural riches.

Within minutes of the nearly 700 acres of expansive forest, beach, gardens, zoo, trails and pathways at majestic Point Defiance Park, the community boasts 60 condominiums with breathtaking unobstructed views of Commencement Bay.

A leisurely waterfront bicycle ride or stroll along nearby Ruston Way charms with antiques, coffee, artisans, restaurants and immersion in the small-town atmosphere enjoyed by Ruston’s population of about 800. Private boat slips are available nearby, for travel to nearby Vashon Island, Gig Harbor or other scenic spots on the Sound.

When they are not out enjoying their Ruston neighborhood, residents can take in the arts, museums, theater and urban attractions in nearby Tacoma and Seattle.

Commencement has an unparalleled commitment to engaging in and supporting the Arts in their surrounding communities. The organizations that they support include the Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma Philharmonic and Broadway Center to name a few. The ownership of the Commencement believes that “giving back” to the arts naturally sets the stage for a community rich in diversity and culture.

Staying home will have its perks, too.

With units ranging from 1,700 to 2,334 square feet, The Commencement has a gym, rooftop gardens, a library, conference space, a theater and a game room. An on-staff concierge will arrange personal training, organic meal and grocery delivery, pet service, dry cleaning or other services.

Krista Olson