Sax Restaurant

Sax Restaurant
2309 6th Ave, Tacoma

Pavarotti said, “One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.” With a full open bar, ceiling fans, and oak wainscoting, Sax Restaurant and Lounge is a relaxing, stylish place for people of all ages to enjoy on a daily basis.

Filet mignon ceviche is a satisfying first course. The tender cut of beef is seared; the thin slices of rare meat are served with roasted corn relish, capers and pimientos. Lemony dressing completes the zesty starter. Other appetizers include coconut chicken, ciabatta pizza, and crostinis caprese.

Spring greens are combined with roasted apples, dried sweet cranberries, walnuts, pungent gorgonzola crumbles and walnut-crusted chicken. Aptly named “walnut chicken salad”, it is a filling second course. The house raspberry vinaigrette marries the flavors well. Dinner salads are composed of mixed greens, crispy cucumber, sweet red onion slices, tomatoes and zesty kalamata olives. Blue cheese dressing is creamy and abundant with chunks of the veined cheese. Also offered are sesame chicken salad, steak salad and classic Caesar salad.

Walnut-crusted chicken is served over tender wild mushroom ravioli and almond broccoli; it is topped with a pepper cream sauce. The chicken is moist; the delicate cream sauce harmonizes well with the crunchy breading and succulent meat. The signature pork marsala is tossed in sweet wine sauce and served over garlic pasta. Mushrooms, garlic, shallots and fresh herbs add depth to the sauce. Grilled t-bone, pan-seared jumbo scallops and roasted apple-stuffed pork loin are also available.

For dessert, a hint of ginger adds a new twist to crème brulee, a classic treat. Crunchy caramelized sugar tops lightly spiced custard creating a pleasant contrast in textures. Rodgrod med flode (red berry dessert with cream) is a Danish berry pudding served with cream. Other desserts include spiced flan cake, tiramisu and cinnamon chocolate mousse.

Sax has an extremely affordable happy hour ($3-$6) for a large variety of food; the bar menu includes crab cakes, prosciutto wrapped prawns, and beef teriyaki skewers.

The eatery is open for breakfast Saturdays and Sundays, 8am to 4pm. The full menu features omelettes, eggs Benedict and Belgian waffles.

Entertainment is offered every day of the week and includes live piano music, live jazz, and wine tastings. Look for college night (Monday), open mike night (Tuesday), Latin night (Wednesday), ladies night (Thursday), and a mix of live bands and DJs spinning dance hits on the weekend.

For creative food, a relaxed atmosphere and knowledgeable and attentive service, Sax is the place to go.

Janae Colombini