The Bite

The Bite
1320 Broadway Plaza, Tacoma

The Bite Restaurant is located in Tacoma’s elaborate Hotel Murano. The accommodation’s lobby boasts a world-class art collection. The same commitment to quality extends into every feature of this luxury hotel.

The menu at The Bite has a lot to live up to. Traditional fare for breakfast, lunch and dinner is prepared with an elegant twist. Whatever you do, save room for dessert.

The limoncello cured salmon is a superb starter. Similar in texture to cold-smoked salmon or sashimi, the northwest favorite is cured in Italian lemon liqueur and then sliced. Served on thin rosemary crackers spread with chive crème fraiche, it is topped with mild red onion gremolata. The presentation is striking—the appetizer is served on a sheet of forest green nori.

Fried garlic herb potatoes glazed with sautéed mushrooms and a sauce combining demi-glace and a reduction of Zinfandel are the basis for fries and gravy. Lighter than expected, the sauce has a remarkable depth of flavor, showcasing the nuances of the red wine and reduced beef stock. The dish is finished with a sprinkling of piquant gorgonzola.

Chicken olivada is roasted to a crispy golden brown. The poultry is smothered in a mixture of green and Kalamata olives along with grape tomatoes. It is drizzled with wine sauce and accompanied by the ultimate comfort food—Yukon gold mashed potatoes.

Truffled macaroni and cheese is an adult version of a childhood favorite. Pasta shells are tossed in a light cream sauce incorporating three cheeses—parmesan, ricotta and white cheddar—and truffle oil. The dish contains a generous amount of the shaved, earthy delicacy.

A clever dessert creation, coffee and donuts, is dense bread pudding created from Krispy Krème donuts. It is topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate espresso sauce. If a new rendition of an old classic doesn’t sound good to you, try the lemon crème brulee or the ten-layer chocolate cake.

You won’t be disappointed.