Live Your Style

Turn your home into a winter retreat

When temperatures dip outside, it’s time to cozy up inside. Interior design expert Stefanie Brooks offers ideas to warm up and add your style to every room of your house.

1) Reface – it’s that time of year to cozy up to the fireplace. Old brick, dated tile or a wimpy mantel can ruin the look of a fireplace which is often a focal point of a room. For a new look, consider updating the existing tile, painting the mantel and the fireplace louvers or adding some decorative trim pieces to the mantel.

2) Recover – We all have that one favorite furniture piece that lasts throughout the years. However, the upholstery tends to get worn, faded or simply dated. Put a new spin on the piece with selecting a great fabric, adding a trim or changing the stain color.

3) Reflect – Add a little sparkle to your home by using metallics such as bronze, silver or gold. A gold threaded silk taffeta drapery, a large silver serving dish or a bronze lamp with a great shade.

4) Refresh – Change up your palette by painting a wall or adding a wall covering to your space. It is one of the least expensive ways to freshen up a space. Choose warmer earthy tones in the winter.

5) Replace – Dated light fixtures? Start with replacing one in the entry or dining room, with a current style and updated finish. Another way to enhance the lighting throughout your home is to add a dimmer switch to areas such as the living and dining rooms.

6) Restore – garage sales, thrift stores and local antique shops are a great place to start for that one piece that will be unique to you and your home. live your style turn your home into a winter retreat

7) Reuse – With as often as we all like to change out our accessories, such as pillows, bedding, lamps etc, hang on to them for use in other rooms or for the simple fact that most styles rotate and will be back before you know it.