Hubbub For The Holidays

Chic Shopping Found

Avoid all the hullabaloo and make shopping fun at HUBBUB this holiday season. Since 2005, shoppers have delighted in HUBBUB’s one-of-a-kind jewelry, purses, clothing, hats and shoes, plus home furnishings and gifts that range from sophisticated to whimsical.

This bright, spacious retail store is located in a uniquely restored 100-year-old building on the northern edge of Centralia’s downtown historic district. Owner Rebecca Staebler has a passion for reclaiming things that otherwise might be discarded. She spent nine months restoring the 100-year-old building to create HUBBUB and fill it with handcrafted art. The remodel became a perfect backdrop for the contemporary, functional art that now fills the space.

“I fell in love with American handcraft—things made by hand and things we use. I love to shop, I love color. When I moved back to Centralia I thought there was a need for a fun place to shop and buy art,” said Staebler.

Additionally, Staebler is a firm believer in supporting reuse and repurposed goods. Most of the local artists she buys from use reclaimed materials in their products. And Staebler has personally met about 90 percent of the artists whose work is featured on her sales floor.

“I’m constantly looking for new artists and expanding my product lines to meet what my customers are looking for,” she said. “Knowing the artist means I can talk about who made a purse or the jewelry. That connection with the artists means I can showcase people who are making their living making arts and crafts. I wanted to create a place where I can draw shoppers in to educate them as to what it means to appreciate things made by hand.”

If you are looking for unique gifts, high-quality handmade items and fun wearable art (ranging from $4 to $400), HUBBUB offers a shopping experience that is not mass-produced, commercialized or hectic. TAMMY ROBACKER

505 North Tower Ave, Centralia