Thomas Bosworth

Honored For A Legacy Of Teaching And Designing

For architect Thomas Bosworth, natural light is the most important building material, providing shape and meaning to everything he designs. His architectural design work, which totals nearly 90 projects, combines light and a highly specific sense of place with classical ideas of order, simplicity and beauty.

Recently, the renowned architect has been awarded the 2012 Medal of Honor by the American Institute of Architects Northwest and Pacific Region based in Olympia. The honor recognizes an individual who has consistently demonstrated excellence in design, the practice of architecture, architectural education or service to the profession, and who has made notable contributions unique to the region.

Bosworth received his professional architecture degree from Yale. He joined Eero Saarinen and Associates while also teaching part time at Yale. His growing reputation led to an offer to become a full professor and chair of the Department of Architecture at the University of Washington, where he remained for 30 years (now emeritus). He is a partner at Bosworth Hoedemaker, a Seattle firm that specializes in custom design and renovation of high-end residences primarily in the Pacific Northwest.

Bosworth’s portfolio illustrates and celebrates design themes that are pillars of his practice and central to what defines Northwest architecture: the incorporation of natural light throughout interior spaces, the relationship of a building to the landscape, a traditional vernacular and the importance of craft.

In the foreword of Building With Light in the Pacific Northwest, Peter Q. Bohlin, FAIA, writes, “Practicing architecture in the Northwest necessitates an understanding of elusive light, and projects like Ragen House on San Juan Island illustrate Tom’s masterful skills. Light streams through, rendering the interior with a light quality reminiscent of paintings by Jan Vermeer.”

Over the past four decades, Thomas Bosworth has helped shape architecture— both as a profession and an art form—and architects in the Northwest. His contributions to architecture are experienced through his two parallel and complementary professions: architect and professor.

“Good design must be the result of intellectual integrity that provides a predictable consistency throughout the design.” —Thomas Bosworth

“Tom is clearly one of the foremost architects practicing design in the Pacific Northwest. As the director and lead architect of the Pilchuck Glass School, working with Dale Chihuly, he produced a series of beautifully crafted simple wood pavilions that stand out as some of the finest work of this school of architects.” —David Miller, FAIA


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