The Sash Program – Helping Seniors From Start To Sold!

Companies are often born out of a demonstrated need for a product or service. That is exactly how The SASH Program commenced.

SASH—Sell a Senior’s Home—was founded by Rebecca Bomann, a professional real estate investor with a background in social work, after helping her grandfather sell his home. At age 81, Everet was living alone in a two-story house, an hour away from the closest family member. It became necessary for the home to be sold so he could live closer to family and receive care. The home sale process was very difficult for Everet, dragging on through health challenges of his and drops in the listing price of the house. He found it hard to keep the home “show ready,” and there were frequent intrusions on his privacy.

Today SASH works with seniors like Everet, providing a variety of services to assist with a home sale. SASH can purchase a senior’s home as-is in a custom designed sale, along with packing and moving services and completely cleaning out the home in a private manner. If a senior prefers, SASH Realty can list the home on the open market with agents that specialize in the unique needs of older persons. Senior-specific coaching services are a nationwide resource to families in need of advice on the senior home-sale process.

Since its inception in August 2005, SASH has purchased a large number of homes in the greater Puget Sound area of Washington state, including new construction, condominiums, huge six-bedroom estates and tiny one-bedroom homes. The shortest closing period was 10 days and the longest 14 months, with every transaction timeline based entirely on the senior’s specific moving plans.

Seniors and their families have found that SASH can assist them “from start to sold”! LEAH GROUT

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