Furnishing Hope in the South Sound

Ask anyone what they consider the most important room in their home and you will receive a range of answers. For some, it is the kitchen and dining room because this is where their family gathers to share meals. Others will tell you the living room or bedroom because that’s where they can relax and recharge. No matter the answer, one thing is certain: each room contains furniture. We gather around a table, recline on a couch and climb into a bed at the end of the day.

Each year thousands of families in the South Sound are faced with a struggle few of us will ever encounter. They are forced to relocate due to circumstances beyond their control—think natural disaster, household fire or a domestic violence situation. Though agencies are available to assist with food and relocation services, home furnishings are often overlooked.

That is where NW Furniture Bank steps in to help by providing a household of furniture to families in the process of rebuilding their lives. Bill and Joelene Lemke founded the NW Furniture Bank in 2007. It was their son, Brian, who had inspired the couple to do “something of significance” before he tragically passed away in November 2005.

The NW Furniture Bank partners with a number of local retailers including Selden’s, The Old Cannery Furniture and Mattress Warehouse, and Sleep Country to acquire furniture that is either given away or resold at Hope Furnishings, a division of NW Furniture Bank. Funds generated are used to help purchase new mattresses.

The mission of the NW Furniture Bank is simple: restore hope, dignity and stability in the community. Helping families off the floor does more then turn houses into homes; it restores a sense of security and offers a fresh start, allowing families a chance to continue building lasting memories.


For more information including drop-off times, volunteer opportunities and ways to help:
NW Furniture Bank
117 Puyallup Ave, Tacoma