1916 Pacific Ave, Tacoma

A crepe is just something your mom fills with berries and sprays whipped cream on, right? Not so at Savor Creperie in downtown Tacoma, where the crepe is elevated to a sophisticated meal or dessert.

At Savor, you can choose from a menu that includes savory crepes, egg scramble crepes and sweet crepes. Using local products to create their dishes, owners Tom and Vickie Vigue draw on their training at the Culinary Institute in Florida to blend Northwest flavors with French and Italian influences.

“My wife and I traveled through Europe and got the idea to start a creperie,” explains Tom Vigue. “We held onto the idea until we relocated here. We fell in love with the lifestyle and located in Tacoma so we wouldn’t get lost in the shuffle of small restaurants in Seattle.”

Savor has been busy thanks to Tacoma’s blossoming downtown core. Tom has learned to make sure patrons know that his crepes are meant to be eaten immediately,
though he’s planning a set of “to go” crepes that would work better for those who want to buy now, eat later.

Almost everything on the menu can be prepared in a gluten-free option and the staff is willing to accommodate customer requests. Savor offers the only full French press service along Pacific Avenue, using local coffee Valhalla French Roast. If tea is your fancy, you can enjoy a cup of Madhat.

Savor offers weekly specials and will add seasonal options to its menu as well, such as a pumpkin crepe for fall. The best way to enjoy Savor is to order two crepes at a time—one savory and one dessert—and work your way through the menu. And if it’s that berry crepe you’re craving, Savor offers a couple of choices that might be just a bit more refined than the one you remember from your childhood—but will still make you want to lick the plate!