Inspired by the Northwest

Winter in the Pacific Northwest is notorious for chilly rains and blustery winds that, despite our best efforts, often seem to find their way through even the heaviest coat. After a day spent dodging the elements, we welcome the moment that we finally come home, seeking solace from the cold, perhaps unwinding next to a crackling fire. If you’re looking to add more “cozy” to your home, inspiration can be found locally, in the beauty of the Northwest, according to interior design expert Stefanie Brooks.

Creating rooms that are warm and inviting can be as simple as incorporating a few simple changes with seasonally infused colors, prints and textures. Nature-inspired hues such as emerald, carafe (a rich, glamorous brown) and koi are top picks for decorators and anyone looking to give their favorite gathering place an updated look. To add more interest to gathering rooms, consider adorning a newly painted wall with thought-provoking artwork to act as a conversation piece during holiday parties.

Interior designers often take cues from the runway. Similar patterns in clothing carry over to what we see reflected in our homes. This season is no exception. “Animal prints have made a comeback and can be very tasteful if used sparingly,” says Brooks. Additionally, rich fabrics such as velvet can be incorporated with an array of throw pillows on the living room sofa and blankets draped over a favorite armchair.

Seasonal changes can also come from accessories that are local and inexpensive. Brooks suggests bringing some of the fresh winter elements of the Pacific Northwest indoors. Incorporate foliage from shrubs and trees into fresh arrangements in vases as a centerpiece on a dining room table. “The smell of these Northwest natives can linger throughout the home.”


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