America’s Automotive Trust has a New Partner

America’s Automotive Trust is pleased to announce that the America On Wheels Museum has been welcomed into the Trust as one its members along with LeMay—America’s Car Museum and the RPM Foundation. Additionally, The NB Center for American Automotive Heritage has joined the trust as an affiliate organization.

”We are delighted to formally affiliate with The NB Center for American Automotive Heritage to further our mutual vision to secure America’s automotive heritage,” said David Madeira, Vice Chairman of America’s Automotive Trust. “That vision is the life passion of Nicola Bulgari, Vice Chairman of Italian luxury retailer, Bvlgari. The Center is testament to his efforts to secure that vision.”  Renowned for his collection of American cars, Bulgari has served on the Trust’s Board since 2003. Creating this partnership between the Trust and The NB Center is a culmination of the Board’s considerable planning and discussion.

An equally important aspect of the agreement is bringing the America On Wheels Museum into the Trust as a member entity. America On Wheels broad focus on transportation and its strong regional presence in the Mid-Atlantic region provide an important addition to the Trust. “America On Wheels provides the Trust an important physical presence in the East,” said Madeira, “This has enabled us to more successfully pursue our mission to promote automotive heritage efforts.”

This new partnership means that membership with America’s Automotive Trust has just become more valuable! Partnerships with these two new entities mean more benefits, new opportunities and, of course, more cars. Visit the Trust’s website for more information.