Business is Blooming at Blitz & Co Florist

Great staff, years of experience, and a creative team that works well together—the secret to three decades of success for Tacoma’s Blitz & Co Florist.

Give the team an idea or a blank slate, says Blitz & Co owner Steve Barbazette, and all of a sudden, they’re creating something beautiful. “Not everyone can do that—see things in their head and make it come to life.” Many clients are looking for inspiration, he says. At Blitz, “a conglomeration of years of experience and experiences comes up with great ideas.”

Founder Marilyn Blitz started the business as a downtown setup of buckets of fresh flowers in an alley. In 1999, then under the new ownership and stewardship of Barbazette, Blitz & Co moved to its current location on a lively stretch of Pacific Avenue.

“It’s a nice town, with good clients,” says Barbazette. “Being around so long, you know the suppliers—the fresh flowers and the sources to get the right stuff. It helps a lot to get the freshest.”

Besides offering a large inventory of fresh flowers for traditional or contemporary arrangements, Blitz & Co specializes in tropical and other plants, European dish gardens, high-style floral arrangements, silk and dried arrangements, and wedding and funeral designs. And at Blitz, there’s more to gift-giving than flowers. The shop also carries an extensive gift selection, fruit and gourmet baskets, gift baskets, greeting cards and candles.

Blitz & Co boasts a diverse clientele, including wedding parties, both small and large; businesses and corporate events; hospitals and retirement communities. Diversity keeps the business flowing, says Barbazette. “It’s a fun business to be in, but it’s also one of the hardest. People say it’s one of the easiest to start, and one of the easiest to fail as well. Many think they can do it, but it’s a tough business.”

A tough business done beautifully by Blitz & Co Florist.


Blitz & Co Florist
909 Pacific Ave, Tacoma