Begin Your Style Journey at Embellish

When you walk into Embellish Multispace Salon, you notice the bright, upbeat atmosphere created by owner Patricia Lecy. One of the many interesting things you will see is a large aquatic mural above the shampoo lounges. “Why stare at a white blank ceiling? Why not look up and see something beautiful?” says Lecy.

She commissioned Maria Jost, local science illustrator and science educator, to create the dynamic ceiling mural for patrons to enjoy. You can see her work on the adjoining page. Explains Jost: “The interplay between matter and energy in our world will interest me forever. Matter is the physical stuff that creates the endlessly diverse forms in the universe, and energy powers the vibrations and movements of life. Living things (such as kelp, jellyfish, seahorses and barnacles) emerge with the addition of life force energy, carried in DNA instructions and passed from parent to offspring. The forms that surround us are remarkable and lovely.”

The Embellish staff has been thrilled with the addition of the mural to the space. They say that clients comment continually about how peaceful it is and that they never get tired of looking at the work, since there’s always something new and delightful to discover.

“That is how we feel about our clients and their style journey as well,” says Lecy. “We have had some hair relationships for 20-plus years and the evolution of those can be compared to the ever-changing ecosystem of nature. We were so inspired by the mural that we created hair and makeup looks with colors and textures to complement Maria’s work. Spring is going to be delightful!”

To view the mural, check out Embellish and go on a style journey for yourself.


727 Commerce St, Tacoma

Maria Jost

Take Control of Your Food and Your Life

When it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle, it’s crucial to control what we eat, says Susan Levy, founder and president of Well-Fed Me. She’s an expert in the essential ingredients in food and what people should be looking for in every meal. And she has been an active member of Go Red for Women since its start, educating and bringing awareness to women of the realities of heart disease and the actions we can take to prevent it.

“When the Go Red movement started, few women knew about their risks for heart disease and the difference in a woman’s warning signs,” says Levy. “Now over 50 percent of women know about their risks. While that is commendable, it also means there is still a lot more work to do.”

She notes that food portion sizes have increased over the years with the accessibility of cheaper ingredients. Unfortunately, she says, we are “trained to eat 92 percent of what’s on our plates, so the bigger the plate, the more we eat.” But even in a world of large portions, she emphasizes, we still have the ability to choose what we put on our plates.

“If you concentrate on getting just one ingredient, it would be fiber,” advises Levy. “The more fiber you eat, the more
plant-based diet you are eating since fiber is found mostly in plants. Fiber keeps us full longer and acts as a sponge to absorb toxins as well as a scrub brush for our digestive tract.”

For some, taking a more hands-on approach to food is daunting, but Levy makes it easier by reminding people of the importance of wholesome ingredients, beginning with fiber. “Eighty percent of all chronic diseases and conditions can be prevented by the food we choose to eat,” she says. Other elements of a healthier lifestyle include moving more, sleeping better, choosing water as the beverage of choice, dealing with stress, and having a supportive and loving community.

“What we do matters every day,” Levy emphasizes. “And the one place we have the most control is in our own kitchens. If we fill it with good choices, then we’ll eat better. If we fill it with junk, then we have only ourselves to blame. It really is up to us.”


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Ladies Night Out

Ladies night out in Olympia drew 250 community-minded women to Hotel RL by Red Lion. Shoppers enjoyed the offerings of local merchants and artisans, plus great cuisine and holiday cheer. Chris Anderson
provided entertainment.

The evening’s proceeds totaled $533,262 to benefit Providence St. Peter Foundation and Providence programs: SoundCareKids, Providence St. Peter Sexual Assault Center and Child Maltreatment Center.

Spring 2017



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Begin Your Style Journey at Embellish
Take Control of your Food and your Life

Immortalizing a Beloved Friend

In 2012 the world lost a beloved gorilla known famously for decades. The gorilla, named Ivan, was 50 when he died, but his memory has been immortalized in a bronze statue at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma.

Neither Ivan nor any gorilla ever set foot in the park’s Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. But the Irwin family, who cared for the animal for many years at its B&I shopping center, decided the statue’s home should be at Point Defiance because of the zoo’s dedication to conservation. As noted in the conservation section of the zoo’s website: “It’s a passion that drives us to protect threatened species and their habitats, from the jungles of Borneo to the wetlands of Western Washington.”

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, several species of gorillas span from endangered to critically endangered, with the eastern gorilla reaching the latter of the spectrum this year. Capturing or killing gorillas is illegal, yet hunting is still the biggest threat to the animal.

The group Friends of Beloved Ivan raised over $220,000, with $165,000 used for the statue that was created by local artist Douglas Granum, who was commissioned for the project. Statue construction involved 3-D printing of more than 100 pieces later welded together into the form of a western lowland gorilla. “This was not work—it was truly a labor of love,” says Granum.

“We are pleased that this beautiful and fitting memorial of Ivan now stands in a public spot within Point Defiance Park,” says Erik Hanberg, a member of the MetroParks Tacoma Board of Commissioners. “We are confident that visitors will come to view this sculpture of Ivan and learn about actions they can take to help gorillas in the wild.”

The statue of Ivan depicts him gazing inquisitively at a magnolia, capturing his lovable personality. Repeating Hanberg’s sentiments about the statue, Ron Irwin says, “It is our hope that those who come to see the sculpture will be inspired to learn more about Ivan’s story and about gorillas in the wild.”

The 600-pound statue represents a strong, resilient animal. Even more, it represents a beloved friend.


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Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

Celebrate at the New Cheesecake Factory

Tacoma has a new favorite restaurant. With its upbeat European décor, The Cheesecake Factory is known for its extensive and innovative menu, generous portions, distinctive upscale décor and legendary desserts. The first Pierce County location opened its doors this past December, with an immediate following.

Upon entering, guests are greeted with enthusiasm and the hospitality that the restaurant chain is known for. “We want people to feel at home and welcome, to leave happier than when they arrived,” says manager Lezlie Siegel.

The seemingly endless menu provides something for everyone. Start by sharing one of the many small plates, snacks or appetizers. Our publisher’s favorite is the Thai lettuce wraps—the perfect fresh appetizer with a choice of three wonderfully spicy Thai sauces.

The main menu is well-appointed with “super” foods (nutrient-rich special recipes), salads and pastas, “Glamburgers” and sandwiches, steaks and chops, and more. We recommend the Chicken Bellagio: crispy coated chicken breast over basil pasta and parmesan cream sauce topped with prosciutto and arugula salad. Its richness is delicious with just the right balance of fresh taste and savory pesto flavor. Portion sizes are such that you have ample leftovers for lunch the next day.

Let us not forget what this restaurant was founded on: cheesecake! There are 33 varieties, plus a range of other specialty desserts for a total of 50 choices in all. The question becomes how to choose your favorite.

The Cheesecake Factory is quickly becoming a go-to spot in Tacoma for celebrations. For a delicious meal that is also an experience, try this new upscale restaurant, conveniently located at the Tacoma Mall.

The Cheesecake Factory
4502 South Steele St, Tacoma

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