Dancing Goats Coffee in Tacoma’s Brewery District

When Dancing Goats Coffee Bar opened in the Brewery Blocks, Tacoma residents and UW students were treated to a great coffeehouse with a modern look not seen in their other Washington locations. The chic and cool-looking store features their fresh roasted coffee blends as well as the highest level of service.

The development at Brewery Blocks revitalized dining and retail space in the historic area of downtown Tacoma. Visitors enjoy outdoor café seating, ample parking and pedestrian-friendly streets with widened sidewalks featuring native landscaping. Located off the Thea Foss Waterway Bridge, Brewery Blocks also includes office space and residential lofts making their motto “Live. Work. Play.” a reality.

This district was highly attractive to the Dancing Goats team because of its accessibility to students, museums and the downtown workforce that visits Tacoma every day. According to Becci Ryder, Dancing Goats’ director of business strategy, “We wanted to be a part of the hustle and bustle of a downtown that is the hub of the community and bring our “Right Way” approach to the area.

“Our coffee sets us apart. We roast it fresh and it never sits on our shelves,” said Ryder. Batdorf & Bronson, parent company to Dancing Goats, visits coffee farms around the world to secure the best product. Each Dancing Goats store orders what they need for the week and only then is it roasted and shipped to their 10 locations in Washington and Atlanta, Georgia.

Located at Commerce and South 21st Street, the 2,000+ square foot Dancing Goat Coffee Bar offers indoor and patio seating and is open 8am to 6pm. The location features the Dancing Goats blend which brews well as espresso or as a drip.

Dancing Goats Coffee


Gentry’s Footwear: Stylish Footwear for Wellness

Owners Gabby and Levi Gentry opened their first shoe store in Covington. “Levi and I decided to open our first shoe store because there was a void in the marketplace for great shoes,” said Gabby. “It was hard to find a store that offered comfortable and fashionable footwear. Many ‘comfort footwear’ stores are avoided by younger adults. There is a stigma of comfortable orthopedic shoes being something that only our grandparents wore. As a young adult, I wanted to offer products that made my peers and future customers feel stylish while also reducing foot pain. A few of our top brands are HOKA, Birkenstock, ON
and Blundstone.”

The couple opened their Point Ruston location in the fall of 2020. When you step into Gentry’s Footwear, you feel important, appreciated, and are offered exceptional customer service. Not only is the selection of footwear superb, but you will walk out with a smile on your face and pep in your step.

Whether you are in need of a high performance athletic shoe or dress shoe, Gentry’s Footwear will help customers find the perfect fit. The sales team is trained in uniquely fitting each persons’ foot with the perfect shoe and insole. They have state-of-the-art fitting techniques for running shoes. They will measure your arch type and analyze your gait in order to find the appropriate style of athletic shoes for your feet.

Gentry’s Footwear is committed to foot health and partners with local podiatrists and doctor referrals.

As a small business in their community, the Gentry family strives to give back by donating large quantities of lightly used footwear and accessories to the Union Gospel Mission. Visit the Point Ruston or Kent Station stores or shop online.

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Gentry’s Footwear


LEAP into the Latest Spring Fashion

Emphasize elegance and the newness that this season brings with your custom styling this spring.

Shades of Yellow

Bring beaming brilliance into the new season with different shades of yellow. This happy shade is sure to
highlight the joyfulness of the season.

Bring on the Basics

Similar to most things in life, the first step to a successful outfit is a quality foundation. Choosing neutral basics is an assurance in delivering a classy, subtle look.

Unexpected Color Combinations

Jazz up your outfit this spring by mixing and matching bold colors such as pink with red, orange with blue, and green with yellow.

Silk Scarves

Scarves are a timeless accessory that elevate any outfit. Each season calls for a different style of scarf; add a silk scarf to accessorize your style this season to ensure extra sophistication.

Muted Pastel Hues

Pastels are not just for Easter. Celebrate the youthfulness of spring with the airy light touch of a pale color in your attire.

Beige Mix and Match

Say goodbye to black and bring on the beige. Making this wardrobe shift will influence a central brighter base to any outfit.


Unique Wedding Venues That INSPIRE

You’re engaged and one of your first steps in planning a wedding is selecting a venue for the celebration. Whether you are interested in an indoor or outdoor location, we recommend that you check out these five unique locations for your celebration.

Farm 12, Puyallup

The estate Farm 12 has a variety of options for the special day from rustic to elegant. You can choose from a variety of their indoor or outdoor spaces. They also offer in-house catering and bar services to provide delicious cuisine and cocktails throughout your event.

Indian Summer Golf and Country Club, Lacey

Picture your dream ceremony on the beautifully landscaped courtyard, under the watchful eye of towering oak trees while guests gaze over the magnificent wetlands. Indian Summer’s natural setting makes for an amazing backdrop for breathtaking wedding pictures. The intricately landscaped gardens and the charm of the entrance pond to the Clubhouse make a unique setting for the bride and groom’s departure before being whisked away to the honeymoon.

Lakewold Gardens, Lakewood

Lakewold Gardens is a lovely 10-acre historic garden estate that features formal and natural settings. Nestled amidst the lush English-inspired gardens is the Georgian-style mansion which overlooks Gravelly Lake. This historic and unique property is an elegant setting for any wedding ceremony and reception. Lakewold Gardens provides a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos that will continue the memory of your special day for years to come. Discover why they are one of the premier wedding venues in the South Sound.

Press Room, Tacoma

Let a piece of history elevate your guests’ wedding experience. This historic space housed the printing presses for the Tacoma Daily Ledger and Tacoma News Tribune from the early part of the 20th century. This newly reclaimed “urban rustic masterpiece” has been lovingly restored with unmatched craftsmanship and offers a variety of wedding packages. The Press Room is Tacoma’s newest wedding and event space.

Washington State History Museum, Tacoma

Bold architecture, stunning views, and a convenient downtown location make the Washington State History Museum an ideal wedding venue. Located in historic downtown Tacoma, the museum offers grand indoor and outdoor spaces for both your ceremony and reception, private access to their current exhibitions, and beautiful views of the city skyline, Thea Foss waterway, and Mount Rainier.

Adorned in Grace Bridal & Formalwear

Dresses for a Cause

As you walk into Adorned in Grace, brides will immediately feel that there is something special happening here. You can enjoy a unique experience where you are treated like a queen and a friend. There is no pressure so you can take your time in picking out a dress that will meet your needs.

At their beautiful location in Lakewood, Adorned in Grace Bridal and Formalwear sells new and gently used wedding dresses, special event dresses, and veils. With a stock of over 3,000 dresses, they also carry accessories such as shoes, gloves and jewelry. They receive donations from all over the country so the gorgeous inventory is always unique and ever-changing.

The proceeds from every sale are used to increase awareness and prevent human trafficking as well as provide crisis support for survivors of trafficking. The Lakewood boutique is just one of three locations in the Pacific Northwest.

“I volunteer because the mission is so wonderful, and you can use your gifts and talents for good. Brides get a good deal on a dress and the proceeds go to help others. This is spectacular,” says Kristi Merritt.

As a bride, it feels good to know that you are purchasing a dress and making a difference. Your legacy of love can be an investment that makes a difference—one dress at a time.

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Adorned in Grace
10310 South Tacoma Way, Unit 1, Lakewood


The TOP Wedding Trends of 2022

With all that has transpired in our society since COVID’s emergence, weddings are now being planned with a keen sense of intention.

Relaxed Luxury

The formality of even the most lavish weddings will be slightly pared down in the year ahead. COVID led many couples to leave behind a super formal celebration, turning to more relaxed cocktail-style parties, food trucks, and outside-the-box weddings.

Etiquette Updated

In recent years, the industry has also witnessed the emergence of updated etiquette. For example, we are seeing more casual wording on invitations. There’s also been a shift in normalizing the use of “wedding party” over, say bridal party. Terms like “groomsmaid” and “man of honor” have become equally common
references in wedding planning vernacular.

Multigenerational and Multiday Experiences

To tailor the guest experience, some couples are taking the added measure of tailoring multigenerational experiences for their loves ones. With the pandemic, some to-be-weds are now hosting multiple events the week of the wedding for different sets of guests. Whether it’s a pool party or a Sunday family brunch, there’s an event for the grandparents all the way to the nieces and nephews.

Countryside Tent

We can thank Bridgerton and the popular internet aesthetic of “cottagecore” for creating an industry-wide movement around cozy garden themes, which couples are leaning into. To accommodate this outdoor wedding trend, tented weddings with a functional twist will create the perfect cocktail-lingering spot for guests.

Internal is the New External

With wellness becoming an essential component of our everyday lives, another big 2022 wedding trend is prioritizing self-care. This may involve wellness appointments, working out, and practicing yoga and relaxation. Many couples are offsetting depletion as well as seeking out personalized skincare and nutrition routines. Preparing for the wedding day isn’t solely about what exists externally.

Individual Servings

Wedding trends of 2021 saw the rise of individual servings, like tiny charcuterie boards, mini wedding cakes, and canned cocktails. The biggest direction in 2022 catering trends is the notion of “leveled-up individualized foods,” while serving guests safely.

Wedding Registries Redefined

Couples have been particularly vocal about pursuing life’s experiences over material goods. With many now purchasing their first home or jet-setting off to a remote island for a dream honeymoon, the experience and memories are what will create the greatest stories for decades to come.

Building Your Dream Home

Building your dream home can be exciting, but it can also be scary. Working with an architect that you trust and appreciate can make all the difference in keeping those fears in check.

Jennifer Weddermann, AIA, the owner of Weddermann Architecture, PLLC, in Tacoma shared a few tips with ShowCase Magazine recently on how to successfully navigate the process.

The first step she suggests may seem like the most obvious. Have a piece of land in mind. “No piece of land is truly flat, and no two sites are alike as far as access, neighbors, views, wind, or slope,” said Weddermann.

Before you buy the land or building, ask your architect to complete a feasibility study. Using online tools provided by cities and counties or even Google Earth, the study can determine setbacks, height limits, logical access, and even snow and wind load. According to Weddermann, “You’ll know up front if the land will work for your overall plan in terms of size and use.” Once the land is selected, your architect will work up a proposal for their scope of work. This is a good time to definitively determine the scale of your project, since this will translate into overall budget and architectural fees.

To communicate well during the design process, have visuals depicting what you like. At this early stage, it is important to think about the whole structure. The architect will need to know how you live and will come back with options for the layout.

Before permitting takes place, energy credits and materials should be considered as well as the selection of your general contractor. They can be a great resource for coordination with structural engineering and provide insight into products and techniques to save money.

Final steps include a thorough and critical review of the entire set of documents, a meeting with the general contractor to ensure you can afford the building before you submit for permits, and then periodic site visits by your architect.

“Your architect acts as a steward of your money throughout the building process,” added Weddermann.

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Weddermann Architecture


Primo Grill: Farm to Table Mediterranean Food

Primo is a 6th Avenue institution in Tacoma, operated for the last 22 years by husband-and-wife team (chef) Charlie McManus and Jacqueline Plattner. Open for dinner seven nights a week, Primo is the perfect spot for a family dinner, celebration, business meeting or date night.

The menu is anchored by savory Mediterranean appetizers including fried brussels sprouts with balsamic syrup, sauteed calamari with garlic saffron sauce, thin crust pizza made with a decade-old sourdough starter, house-made pastas such as pumpkin ravioli, and an entrée section featuring steaks, pork chops, lamb and duck.

“What we do is pretty simple. We take high-quality ingredients starting with olive oil, produce, and local seafood and craft it into a Mediterranean-by-Northwest menu that is consistent, tasty and approachable. You can be sure that if wild king salmon is available, it will be featured on our menu.”

After more than two decades in the restaurant industry, McManus and Plattner have seen many changes. From a move in 2014 from 6th and Pine to 6th and Oakes, to the advent of the food network and a much more sophisticated and educated diner, Primo is at the forefront of Tacoma restaurants with quality food, service, and attention to detail.

Once less adventurous eaters, foodies are now commonplace with popular TV chefs as their guides. According to Chef McManus, “Spaghetti carbonara was on our menu years ago, with little fanfare. Guests were unsure of what the dish actually was. We’ve added it back in recently and it is selling like crazy. Even some of our youngest guests are well educated on this dish.”

“While the pandemic has been very difficult and allconsuming at times, we have been fortunate with a loyal and supportive clientele who value Primo and have helped us weather the storm.”

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Primo Grill


Grand Glass Gathering in May

Glass art is intricately interwoven into the fibers of Tacoma. From the nationally recognized Hilltop Artists youth program, to a multitude of individual artists working in garage-based hot shops, to museum exhibitions of glass art featuring internationally famous artists, Tacoma’s connection to glass only grows stronger every year.

The City of Destiny will be the host of the 2022 Glass Art Society (GAS) Conference this May in celebration of the organization’s 50th anniversary. Tacoma is a glass capital of the world on par with previous host cities such as Seto, Japan, Murano, Italy and Samland, Sweden.

Each year, the GAS Conference features approximately 100 presenters from various stages of career development and involvement in the glass community to showcase their expertise, talent, research, and more. From emerging artists to established professionals, the presenters make up a diverse and engaging group of artists, educators, curators, researchers, and administrators.

For the region’s youngest glass artists, Hilltop Artists, this is an amazing opportunity to learn from established artists from around the globe as well as share their skills and talents.

“Hilltop Artists’ students and staff are excited to have the GAS conference here in Tacoma,” stated Dr. Kimberly Keith, Executive Director, Hilltop Artists. “We are working on an exhibition called Gather: 27 Years of Hilltop Artists with the Tacoma Art Museum—our organization has a long history of developing local talent through our glassmaking programs and we want the world to know about what we do. Students can join our programs as young as twelve years old and many stay with us for eight or more years. They become studio assistants and established artists, and they contribute a tremendous amount of diversity to the field.

“Our partnerships with Pilchuck Glass School, Crafting the Future, and the Museum of Glass here in Tacoma expand the skills and experiences of our students by providing access to a wide variety of teaching artists and hot shops. Our students are the future of glassmaking and I’m glad our GAS peers will have an opportunity to see and appreciate what we can do.”

Tickets to attend the GAS conference start at $485, and you will be able to enjoy special exhibitions and events at the Museum of Glass and Tacoma Art Museum with regular admission more details available at Tacoma 2022 – Glass Art Society


Sweet Life Boutique Now Open in Point Ruston

The old saying, “If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life,” is a fitting mantra for Donna and Peyton Stephens, owners of the Sweet Life in Olympia and now also in Tacoma at Point Ruston. The mother and daughter team purchased the Olympia location in 2018 and opened the Tacoma location in the fall of 2020 because they were shoppers who loved the store and thought owning it would be a perfect fit for the creative daughter, Peyton, and the business-minded Mom, Donna.

“I have spent most of my career years in commercial real estate, so negotiating leases and owning a retail venture took advantage of my skill set,” said Donna. “Peyton’s strengths are in the creative side of the brain, so she does the buying, merchandising and store design,” she added.

Deciding to open a second location during a pandemic was certainly a scary risk, but one that has paid off. According to Donna, “After a little bit more than a year, the Tacoma location is providing us with an opportunity to feature more home décor given the proximity to so many residential units in the same center. The added layer of tourists keeps us adjusting inventory to fit a different customer than our Olympia location.”

Sweet Life Boutique Now Open in Point Ruston Featuring clothing in sizes extra small to large, the boutique works to carry a variety of lines with varying price points to meet the needs of more customers. In Sweet Life, you will find Free People, MOTHER Denim, Levis, Spell, Dolce Vita, and Agolde Jeans as well as Barefoot Dreams, which is only carried at the Point Ruston location.

“We are so excited to be working on a rebrand, including a new logo with a brighter color palette and an updated look that will carry through to all visual aspects of our store,” said Donna.

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Sweet Life Boutique
5020 Main Street at Point Ruston, Tacoma
Instagram: @SweetLifeBoutique