Local Favorite For Style – Charming Charlie

3500 S Meridian, Puyallup

If you’re in a “blue” mood at Charming Charlie, then it might mean you’re feeling fashionable.

Conveniently located in the South Hill Mall in Puyallup, the Charming Charlie boutique opened last fall and is rapidly growing in sales and popularity by making women feel fabulous. The trendy retailer specializes in a broad assortment of fashion jewelry and accessories for women of all ages, helping them complete an outfit to suit any mood, occasion or style. Whether you are going for a vintage, modern, ethnic, bohemian, punk rocker or sophisticated look, you can find the perfect fashion accessories at Charming Charlie. And that includes dressing for those big occasions like weddings, job interviews, cocktail parties and proms.

Charming Charlie is merchandised by color, so if a shopper is looking for the perfect turquoise tunic or cobalt-colored bracelet, she can head straight to the blue section and browse bangles, baubles and bags ranging in shade from the palest powder blue to deepest indigo.

“We organize our stores by color families, which is not only unique, it gives our customer a road map to help her find what she is looking for. She can head straight to the color she loves,” said Patty Fadhouli, marketing manager for Charming Charlie.

Other fun and colorful merchandise includes a wide assortment of handbags and shoes, scarves and belts, hats and hair accessories.

“We want to give our customer a shopping experience that makes her feel fabulous, so we look for those special touches like our chandeliers as well as great fixtures that make our product easy to shop,” added Fadhouli.

Founded in Houston, Texas, in 2004, Charming Charlie now has nearly 200 retail stores across the nation. Shoppers can also browse online by color and category at charmingcharlie.com.