Begin Your Style Journey at Embellish

When you walk into Embellish Multispace Salon, you notice the bright, upbeat atmosphere created by owner Patricia Lecy. One of the many interesting things you will see is a large aquatic mural above the shampoo lounges. “Why stare at a white blank ceiling? Why not look up and see something beautiful?” says Lecy.

She commissioned Maria Jost, local science illustrator and science educator, to create the dynamic ceiling mural for patrons to enjoy. You can see her work on the adjoining page. Explains Jost: “The interplay between matter and energy in our world will interest me forever. Matter is the physical stuff that creates the endlessly diverse forms in the universe, and energy powers the vibrations and movements of life. Living things (such as kelp, jellyfish, seahorses and barnacles) emerge with the addition of life force energy, carried in DNA instructions and passed from parent to offspring. The forms that surround us are remarkable and lovely.”

The Embellish staff has been thrilled with the addition of the mural to the space. They say that clients comment continually about how peaceful it is and that they never get tired of looking at the work, since there’s always something new and delightful to discover.

“That is how we feel about our clients and their style journey as well,” says Lecy. “We have had some hair relationships for 20-plus years and the evolution of those can be compared to the ever-changing ecosystem of nature. We were so inspired by the mural that we created hair and makeup looks with colors and textures to complement Maria’s work. Spring is going to be delightful!”

To view the mural, check out Embellish and go on a style journey for yourself.


727 Commerce St, Tacoma

Maria Jost