spring skin care – keep skin youthful

skincareThe basis of any good skin care regimen starts with prevention—of wrinkles and sun spots in particular. The best way to get ahead of the signs of aging, say many experts, is to establish an ironclad routine that includes regular use of a good sunscreen and constant hydration every day.

“Skin protection is vital and the use of SPF 30 or higher is ideal,” according to Dr. Joseph Shvidler, MD, at the MultiCare Med- Spa in Gig Harbor. “Especially with many residents of the Pacific Northwest enjoying an active outdoor lifestyle, skin protection is critical in maintaining a youthful appearance,” he says. Shvidler also emphasizes the importance of avoiding what he calls the three S’s; stress, sun exposure and smoking. Each one has an adverse impact on skin and its appearance.

Ideally, an optimal skin care routine should begin in the teenage years and carry on into adulthood. Anyone with acne should treat it right away since the scars become more prominent with age and are often irreversible, says Korrine Claxton, licensed esthetician. “When working on teenage acne, the first thing I talk about is what they eat and drink. You need a healthy diet and water intake. It is crucial and the first step to great skin.”

Claxton adds that investing in products that deliver the proper moisture and concentrated nutrients, such as those high in vitamin C, will keep skin looking youthful and aid in preventing signs of aging. Regular facials and exfoliation also contribute to the skin’s appearance by clearing away dead skin cells, aiding in a clear complexion.

When basic skin care is not enough, Shvidler recommends adding chemical peels and additional options, such as Botox injections, gravitational fillers and the use of CO2 lasers to help regain a youthful appearance.


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