Senior Nutrition

Do you have a concern about an aging parent’s nutrition and health? A key component, often overlooked, of seniors’ well-being is eating correctly. Good nutrition can help keep them safe and healthy.

Declining eating habits will put seniors at a greater risk of falls, dehydration and poor health. Your mom or dad may no longer have the motivation and energy to plan and prepare nutritious meals consistently. They may just lack the energy to cook for only one or two. Often medication can make food taste different and can make some food textures seem unappealing.

Their solution may be heating a frozen TV dinner in the microwave. But an easy, better solution could be having a family member, friend or in-home care agency come by for a few hours a week to prepare meals. Small, healthful snacks during the day is also a good option. Personalized meal plans can help make meals a positive experience, improving seniors’ quality of life.

Good nutrition and exercise are two factors that prevent falls. For people over age 65, doctors often recommend more calcium, protein and vitamin D. These nutrients can help your aging loved ones maintain muscle mass. And muscle mass helps them maintain strength and reaction response, preventing a fall with serious injuries.

Building a personalized meal plan, shopping for the correct foods, and getting help with meal preparation will help seniors maintain a healthier quality of life. When your mom or dad no longer has the energy for these activities, the use of an in-home care agency for nutritional assistance may be just what’s needed.

SYNERGY HomeCare is an in-home agency that offers this service and is an excellent option to provide support for loved ones.


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