Synergy HomeCare: Senior Fall Prevention

One of the biggest fears for aging seniors and their families is the risk of falling. In fact, falls by people aged 65 and older are the leading cause of death from injury. That’s where Synergy HomeCare comes in. Providing in-home care for seniors is one way to help them maintain their independence, and before that point, Synergy HomeCare can provide many fall-prevention tools for seniors and their families to take advantage of.

When people age, their muscle mass declines, which increases the risk of falls. Other factors that contribute to this increased risk include poor eating habits, lack of exercise and the existence of home safety hazards. With the help of a Synergy HomeCare home assessment, meal plan, and exercise plan or other options, many seniors can live independently in their own home while giving their family peace of mind.

After you call Synergy HomeCare for a free home inspection, the staff will view the home and point out potential safety concerns. By making suggestions such as improved lighting, grab bars, shower benches and clear traffic paths, the team lessens the worrying. Through meal planning, prepping meals and grocery shopping for seniors, Synergy can encourage good eating habits.

Another service that Synergy offers is researching physical activities for clients to help improve their lives. Exercise options such as yoga, tai chi, walking and community exercise programs help keep muscle mass from being lost.

These simple lifestyle changes can prevent seniors from hurting themselves in a life-altering fall. With planning, shopping and cleaning services, Synergy HomeCare can bring peace of mind, safety and independence to seniors and their loved ones. by Kate Redmond