Minor Details: Major Design Success

minor-details1“A home is a gathering of the possessions its owners adore, special furnishings and room accessories they have lovingly collected over the years.”

This is the premise that Scott Neste, principal of Minor Details Interior Design & Furnishings, begins with when generating ideas for both his residential and commercial clientele. “I love the challenge of discovering what clients dream of having,” Neste says. “Once we identify the concepts they can’t get out of their minds, it becomes my assignment to pull it all together: to find the impossible, to create solutions that work for their budgets and to ultimately curate a design.”

minor-details2The story of Minor Details, which opened in 2001 and is based in Tacoma’s Proctor District, isn’t a straightforward one. Neste grew up helping his father refinish antiques and assisted his mother with choosing fabrics to sew. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in organizational communications and psychology, he moved to the Pacific Northwest and worked for an international retail home furnishings chain. That’s when he decided to pursue his passions as a designer.

“The most challenging project is one without a vision,” he explains. “This is why the initial design phase is critical; it’s my job to help clients create that and to discover what’s most important to them.

“Every new consult begins with hours of conversation covering likes and dislikes, passions, family and lifestyle, as well as practical things like budget, timeline and where a client has found past inspiration,” Neste continues. “I ask people to dream big because that’s the benchmark we want to meet or exceed. As a skilled designer, my job is to find a way—or to make a way—that works for my clients.”

minor-details3Another key piece of the Minor Details formula is local sourcing, although the firm sometimes has to search the globe for the perfect light fixture, throw rug or sofa. Imagination is at the helm, as Neste’s creativity spans myriad styles and eras in history, and often blends several. Minor Details emphasizes collaboration with regional architects, high-skilled craftsmen and general contractors.


Minor Details
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