Celebrating Success: 20 Years with Olympic Dermatology

Selective laser surgical procedures. Fine-tuning in diagnostics. The paradigm shift in the development of designer medicines. Scientists that uncover the biochemical nature of disease by studying human genome sequencing.

These are some of the medical advances that keep Dr.James L. Brazil fascinated with his work at Olympic Dermatology and Laser Clinic in Olympia as the clinic begins to celebrate its 20th birthday.

“I love my practice. I love Olympia. I love being part of the community. I’m honored to offer services to our patients,”Dr. Brazil said. “This 20-year celebration was supposed to be a big community party, but the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented that. We will celebrate our success and happiness with you in other ways.”

Dr. Brazil finished his residency in 1991 and moved to Olympia for a five-year trial. He’s still there after 29 years, practicing first at Memorial Clinic before forming his own clinic in 2000 with a small staff. Now the clinic includes a staff of 21, including three who have worked with him fora total of more than 50 years.

“I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to bring an extraordinary amount of technology to Olympia for skin rejuvenation,body contouring, hair removal, tattoo removal and leg vein treatments,” he said. “I like being able to practice as a medical doctor, surgeon and pathologist.”

Dr. Brazil and the staff are a full-spectrum general dermatology practice, including skin diseases that are diagnosed as being associated with internal diseases. With the surgical focus of his practice, he can remove growths and perform reconstruction of the face.

Some other aspects of work at the clinic are new,including tele-dermatology–consultations with distance connections. Some guidelines have stayed the same.

“Always use broad-spectrum sunscreen, minimize sun exposure and avoid tanning beds,” Dr. Brazil counseled. “Trust an expert. An online search with a lay person is no substitute for a well-trained medical provider. The same holds for public health. Trust an expert.” EMILY HAPPY

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