Artist Spotlight: Judy Collins

Practice makes perfect for this music legend

Continual success in any profession is rare and the entertainment industry is no exception. Inundated with constant pressure to create the next hit, some artists find themselves compromising their talent to fit the record label’s quota. So, what has set legendary singer-songwriter Judy Collins apart from the rest? “Good genes and good luck, I guess,” she said with a laugh during a recent interview. Collins attributes her impressive 50-album collection to a lifetime of structure and a record label that did not stifle her creativity. “I never had to compromise my artistic foundation.”

Classically trained on the piano, Collins brings truth to the adage “practice makes perfect.” She is a firm believer in practicing her craft and does not believe in overnight success. “You must work every day and keep at it every day,” she said, adding that not every song or every album is going to be a tremendous success. “It’s what you do in between those moments; that’s what counts.” Collins is renowned for her version of classics such as Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now.” Her rendition of “Send in the Clowns” garnered song of the year at the 1975 Grammy Awards.

Aside from her musical accomplishments, Collins is also an author, filmmaker and head of her own record label, Wildflower Records. She strives to foster the talents of blossoming musicians in much the same way she was supported early on in her own career.

With numerous projects and performances, Collins maintains perspective by remaining grateful each day. “We all need gratitude, humor and to keep working as long as we can,” she said. True to form, Collins has a number of ambitious projects in the works including a possible Broadway show and more fiction writing.

Judy Collins will bring her illustrious talent to the Broadway Center for the Performing Arts stage on Friday, Jan. 31, 2014.


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