Multicare Good Samaritan

 Good Samaritan has been cared for COVID-19 patients since the beginning of the pandemic in Washington. Throughout the COVID-19 response, community members have been providing a morale boost to health care workers through kind words, donations and artwork.

Read the following reflections from Good Samaritan team members about working at the hospital and what the outpouring of support from the community means to them.

Charlene Falgout, Chief Nurse

“I’m so proud to watch our nurses, day after day, dress up in gear and take care of our patients with courage, heart and grace. They adapt to the numerous changes and they continue to do the right thing to protect and care for their patients and families.

Lescia Myers, Clinical Director, Critical Care

Lescia has been leading the COVID-19 teams at Good Samaritan. “The support from the community is what brings joy to staff throughout the day. It makes us feel like we are not alone.

I want to celebrate our COVID-19 teams on 8-Dally and 5-Dally. My team and the staff at Good Samaritan Hospital have been amazing. The support from the community and the response from the system and across the nation makes me hopeful for the future.”

Michele Rivers, Director of Nutrition Services

“The support from the community is beyond. It’s beyond. We just love you for it. We all have families at home. But we are all a family too.

My team has more than eighty people and we’re at the frontlines of this pandemic as well. I’m proud of the way that we’ve been able to help others. I’m also proud that we can still come here and have fun.” 

Acacia Corson, Patient Access

“I love all of the community support – I love all of the art. Something so small can make such a difference. The small businesses who have had to cut their own business but are still making donations to support us – it speaks volumes.

What makes me hopeful is the way everyone at Good Samaritan Hospital jumped into action during this crisis, ready to do assist one another and other departments any way they could. After all of this, I can’t wait to see my friends up close and hang out. My two-year-old daughter keeps me hopeful. She reminds me of what things used to be like.”

Sandy Ross, RN, BSN, CPAN – PACU Nurse

“I’ve worked here for 29 years. The community support right now is very heartening. The artwork is wonderful! We have pictures from kids in the PACU. We also love the donated meals.

I want to recognize some of the unsung heroes like our housekeeping and nutrition services team members. They are just as exposed as the rest of us and they are doing such great work. After all this, I can’t wait until we can travel again. There’s a smooth jazz cruise Rocky and I really want to be able to take one day.”

Dr. Dennis Kolb, MD, Chief Medical Officer

“I’m proud of the way our teams have been flexible with all of the changes, never losing sight of why we are all here. Everyone who works here has stepped up in their own way. What makes me hopeful for the future is knowing the strength of our team. The support from the community is everything – it’s why we’re here.”