Fashion Trends: Fall 2021

Fashion is like painting a picture. It is a form of art in itself. It expresses your ideas, beliefs and character to the world. A unique facet of fashion is that each trend can be altered and incorporated to fit your style.

Knit Sweaters

You “sweater” believe fall 2021 will be full of fashionable and functional knit tops. Comfy yet classical, this look brings warmth to the season’s chill.

The Shining through Saturated Shades

Last year was full of neutrals to match the tone of the season. This year, vibrant color shades are boldly breaking through the grey clouds. Rich colors like bubble gum pink, fuchsia, royal blue, scarlet, grass green, violet, tangerine orange, and canary yellow will be emphasized this fall.

Colorful Pastel Leather Coats

Pastel colorful leather coats will be sure to be eyecatching this fall. The look can be paired with neutral basics or artistic designs. When choosing the right length of coat, if you are under 5’6” a mid-length jacket may give you an elongated appearance. If you are over 5’6”, a long jacket that hits above your knees will flatter you the most.

Long Skirts

Want to stay chic into the cool season without giving up your skirt look? This is your year. Lengthy skirts highlight the feminine glam this season.

Yes to Vests

Vests are back. This trend is perfect and adaptable to the season. Whether it is a puffy or a knit vest this piece can be worn over a variety of designs. Depending on your preference, you could wear a vest over a short sleeve shirt, a long sleeve shirt, or over a jacket.

Cozy Quilted Jacket

They are making a comeback. A quilted jacket might just be the outfit staple you were looking for to keep you warm while offering cool aesthetics too.