Imagine Van Gogh: Coming to the Tacoma Armory

In 2008, Annabelle Mauger crafted her very first immersive Van Gogh exhibition and, in the last few years, the finalized project has become an incredible hit. Imagine Van Gogh, the Original Exhibition in Image Totale© sold over 500,000 tickets across Canada in 2020 alone. The exhibit will be presenting stunning renditions of Van Gogh’s classic artwork in over 200 of his paintings brought to life in a breathtaking immersive experience. Mauger and Julien Baron, renowned for their work at Cathédrale d’Images in Les Baux-de-Provence, France, are no strangers to the immersive art world — in fact, they are pioneers of the medium. Since 2016, the duo have developed and expanded Image Totale© to create a truly emotionally cathartic experience for visitors.

In order to create such a unique exhibition, Mauger and Baron used warping techniques to adapt the surface to the projected image, releasing the art being trapped inside of the canvas. “The choice of images, the way they are positioned, their rhythm and their association with the music all compose this original creation conceived by Annabelle Mauger and developed with Julien Baron.”

Online reservations for Imagine Van Gogh are encouraged, as admission is based on timed-entry and tickets are sure to sell out quickly! Each ticket is valid for one person, with no re-entry permitted and they are nonrefundable. The exhibition opens on Saturday, March 5th, and runs through Saturday, April 16th at the Tacoma Armory.

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Airhouse Adventure Park Heads to Auburn!

On January 7th, 2022 Airhouse Adventure Park will bring fun and adventure to Auburn Washington with the opening of a new Northwest location. The indoor adventure park will include fun and family friendly activities such as Powerhouse Laser Tag, the Airhouse Ninja Course and Xtreme Dodgeball.  This location will be available for 1 to 2 hour adventures, exclusive birthday parties, fundraising events and group outings of all sizes. In any location, Airhouse Adventure Park seeks to engage the surrounding communities in a fun, safe, and sanitized adventure park. Bringing friends and family together to celebrate birthdays or other fun occasions with us is a way of strengthening the existing community. Each park provides more than just an indoor adventure park for everyone to enjoy year-round, but Airhouse actively partners with organizations of all types by providing a one-of-a-kind facility to host fundraisers and bring value back to the community that we live and play in. The Auburn location was chosen because of its beauty, accessibility, and pride in community.

Snacks and concessions are a great pairing with adventures, and the Auburn location of Airhouse Adventure Park will host the GrubHouse.  GrubHouse will specialize in pizzas, sandwiches, and other handheld snacks and beverages to satisfy hungry adventurers.

After signing a waiver, guests can buy a pass that is priced by age and the number of hours they wish to spend at the park. Just a few of the attractions that guests will find at Airhouse Auburn include the jousting Battle Beam or the wildly colorful climbing structures where you try to reach new heights (while wearing a harness!) Fly through the air on the Racing Zip Lines down a 40-foot line and check out the elaborate, skill-required Ninja courses. The classic Main Court lets guests bounce gleefully on over 1,500 square feet of trampolines! Each attraction aims to get your blood pumping and help you gain some air! If you aren’t feeling like indulging in a game of Xtreme Dodgeball, a pass for the featured Arcade is also an option.

Safety and sanitizing are top priorities at Airhouse Adventure Park.  Airhouse Adventure Park performs routine daily, weekly, and monthly safety inspections to ensure that all equipment and attractions are in proper working condition. Court monitors remain alert and onsite during all adventuring to ensure patrons remain safe.  All trampolines, attractions, padding, and equipment is cleaned regularly throughout each day, and as needed. In addition, the adventure park is cleaned thoroughly each night.

Airhouse Adventure Park is sure to be an exciting addition to the bustling Auburn community and bring joy to adventurers of all ages.  This is certain to be a destination for workplace bonding, parties, and an excellent way to spend a rainy weekend.

Safety and sanitizing are top priorities at Airhouse Adventure Park.  Airhouse Adventure Park performs routine daily, weekly, and monthly safety inspections to ensure that all equipment and attractions are in proper working condition. Court monitors remain alert and onsite during all adventuring to ensure patrons remain safe.  All trampolines, attractions, padding, and equipment is cleaned regularly throughout each day, and as needed. In addition, the adventure park is cleaned thoroughly each night.

Airhouse Adventure Park is sure to be an exciting addition to the bustling Auburn community and bring joy to adventurers of all ages.  This is certain to be a destination for workplace bonding, parties, and an excellent way to spend a rainy weekend.

The new location will open at 1101 Outlet Collection Way #1275, Auburn, WA 98002

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Nathalie Bajinya’s Future Is Bright

Nathalie Bajinya has been fascinated by textiles and fashion design from a very early age. She once cut up her mother’s dress to fashion into her own clothing designs at age four.

Originally from the Congo and orphaned at a young age, Bajinya learned to sew while living in an orphanage in Kenya. Excelling at the craft, fashion design quickly became a lifelong passion.

Today, under the label Undeniable Bajinya, Bajinya translates her sewing and design skills into exquisite one-of-a-kind garments and accessories in her Lakewood shop, Undeniable Bajinya.

Home to couture gowns, wedding dresses, and custom-tailored fashions, Undeniable Bajinya’s signature designs are vibrant cotton and wool dresses and jackets that combine French fashion with African colors and American styles.

A rare talent, Bajinya can look at a swath of fabric and intuitively know what design will best highlight the fabric’s motif or drape. “When I look at fabric I see something that is telling a story,” says Nathalie.

Often made with distinctively colorful and elaborately designed African wax print fabric – commonly referred to as the “wax hollandais,” “ankara,” or “kitenge” – Undeniable Bajinya’s unique designs encompass innovation, artistic creativity and the consumer’s choice to celebrate life through their clothing.

Recently featured on King 5 Evening, the segment thoughtfully shared Nathalie Bajinya’s journey, showcasing her love of fabric and her passion to design and sew beautiful garments.

In May, with only two weeks to prepare, Undeniable Bajinya featured twelve of her original designs during Africa Fashion Week Seattle in Redmond, Washington.

Without patterns, Bajinya designs, sketches, and crafts each of her beautifully unique fashions from customers’ measurements. She says there is nothing like a dress made exactly to your measurements.

“Back in my country, you don’t buy a dress from a store, you go to a tailor,” Bajinya said. “We don’t have that here in
America. Everyone should have access to custom garments that fit perfectly, not just famous people.”

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Yoga Offers Health and Wellness Benefits to Seniors

Gentle Yoga classes offers many benefits to seniors or those with mobility concerns. “It has been wonderful to watch our seniors build a sense of community, improve their health, improve flexibility and balance, and build strength. Additionally, seniors can experience higher rates of depression and anxiety. If you’re a senior, yoga can be a game changer for your health,” says Alicia Barrett, owner at Tuladhara Yoga.

Safety should be the number one priority in any physical exercise including yoga. Yoga, like any exercise, can come with risks, so being led by a certified experienced instructor is critical. It is also important to be cleared by your doctor to practice yoga.

Benefits of practicing yoga as a senior include:

Yoga improves flexibility and joint health

Flexibility and joint mobility is not about reaching your toes, but about creating a suppleness in the body that will prevent injury and strain over time. When you are flexible, you are less likely to get injured doing basics tasks like bending over to pick something up.

Yoga improves balance and stability

A lack of balance is the number one reason seniors give at Tuladhara Yoga for wanting to try yoga. Certain yoga poses, such as tree pose, are beneficial and can improve balance, which leads to less falls and better focus and stability.

Yoga can improve respiration

Yoga and exercise can improve respiration. Breathing exercises in particular can help improve lung capacity.

Yoga can help reduce depression and anxiety

Yoga classes, especially those geared toward seniors, are calm, relaxing and restorative. Yoga involves focusing on the breath and slow movements, which can help trigger your parasympathetic nervous system, bringing us into the “rest and digest” phase of stress relief.

Going to yoga class is fun and can build a sense of community

Sometimes we forget that as we age, we lose our friends and loved ones and therefore a sense of belonging and community. A yoga class is a great way to make new friends, stay connected, laugh and have fun with others.

Defining Space in an Open Floor Plan

An open concept living room, dining room, and kitchen by nature blurs the lines between each area or room. The best way to define your space is to determine how you want to use the space.

Consider Traffic Flow

Once you have defined your circulation paths, also consider how you want to use the room. For more definition, incorporate a focal point in each adjacent space. These standout elements capture the eye while improving how the space works.


Creating a furniture layout in an open floor plan can be overwhelming. Arrange your furniture away from the walls. Anchor your furniture and conversation areas with a large statement piece like a coffee table and use a rug to complete the look.


What helps to make these spaces work is to have proper storage and thoughtful planning. These open spaces work best when you have adequate storage and defined smaller areas like an efficient laundry room, home office, home gym or an “amenity room” (also called a “plus room”).

Cohesive Color & Elements

When designing an open concept living room, consider the entire area, because you can see all your elements at the same time. Make sure they relate in some way. By using elements like color, texture and wood tones, you can repeat these to create layers and make your space feel cohesive. Our rule is three colors in a space. This also applies to textures and wood tones. If your style is more sophisticated than whimsical, you will want to add texture to a monochromatic space, with high contrast neutrals and layers of texture. If you are looking to create a high-end custom feel, use different custom wall coverings in different areas for added definition.

Create Intimacy with Lighting

Use a statement chandelier. Consider the light fixture but also how the light illuminates specific areas. If the lighting is versatile and visually interesting, it can help make a bright and spacious interior feel cozier and more intimate with strategic lighting.

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Create your Fall Charcuterie Board

The Fall season is here, so ENJOY the best charcuterie board with your loved ones, neighbors and friends. Also, stretch yourself a bit and invite someone new.

10 oz figs
Red grapes
1 Honeycrisp apple
1 Bartlett pear
Roth Cheese, Grand Cru
Roth Cheese, Buttermilk Blue
Roth Cheese, Smoked Gouda
1/2 c chocolate hazelnut spread
12 oz dark chocolate covered pretzels
1 small baguette, sliced
8 oz blackberries
1 plumcot or other stone fruit
1 package oat rosemary raisin crackers
1 c rosemary Marcona almonds
8 oz cocoa truffles
3.5 oz dark chocolate bar
10 oz dark chocolate covered almonds
4 oz rosemary crostini rustic crackers
6 oz cured meats


  1. In a large prepared board, place the two cheeses in the center.
  2. Place the chocolate almonds, truffles, and Marcona almonds in small bowls on the board. Fill another small bowl with hazelnut spread.
  3. Arrange the rest of the foods around the cheese and bowls on the board. Leave a whole apple, pear, or plumcot (or stone fruit like a peach) for a beautiful garnish!

Escape to Beautiful Walla Walla

Grab a bike and head to Walla Walla to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes while sipping on delicious wine. Home to over 120 different and unique wineries, you can cycle through Walla Walla’s beautiful vineyards and try the freshest wine right from the source without the worry of driving after tasting.

A beautiful WINERY to add to your list

Abeja Winery is located in the foothills of the Blue Mountains, at the beginning of the Whitman Mission trail. The 38-acre site provides guests a one-of-a-kind wine country experience and access to some of Washington’s most sought-after wines from the Walla Walla Valley. The backstory is as unique as the wines offered.

Biking Trails

Cottonwood Loop – A 17-19 mile trail with moderate climbs, taking you past wheat fields and farmland in the direction of the mountains.

Whitman Mission – A 16-24 mile mostly flat trail that takes you to the Whitman Mission National Historic Site.

North Wheat Fields – A 14-mile trail, mostly flat with a few gentle hills, it is a pleasant ride past vast wheat fields.

After a day of peddling between wineries, come back to The FINCH to relax around the outdoor fireplace or unwind in your modern, yet comfortable guest room – each uniquely designed. Located downtown, The FINCH is an 80-room, newly renovated hotel that is driven by community inspiration. Originally built in the 1960s, the Streamline-era architecture features an open-air design, an outdoor fireplace, and community gathering spaces that encourage guests to interact with other guests and locals alike.

The FINCH is the perfect basecamp for exploring the Walla Walla Valley by bike! The FINCH recently announced their new Tour de FINCH package. Experience the beautiful trails the valley has to offer or take a cruise down Main Street and check out some of Walla Walla’s amazing local restaurants, wineries, and shops. There’s nothing better than enjoying the beauty of the countryside by bicycle.

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New Technology helps Identify Macular Degeneration

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is a hereditary disease that develops as one ages. AMD is one of the leading causes of vision loss and blindness in America, occurring in 4-7% of African Americans and impacting over 45% of Non-Hispanic Caucasians.

Generally, AMD is split into the “dry form” and “wet form.” The dry form occurs when small retinal defects, called drusen, form and slowly enlarge. When the drusen becomes larger, the retina swells and new, leaky, blood vessels grow which is the hallmark of the wet form of AMD.

Causes of this degenerative process include genetics, smoking, obesity and exposure to blue light. People with AMD have more difficulty driving at night and slowly lose their central vision, making it difficult to read and see details of faces. During the wet form of AMD, patients experience rapid vision loss and are treated by medication injected into the eye.

How does Tumwater Eye Center identify drusen and initiate early treatment? At Tumwater Eye Center’s new office, they invested in imaging technology to identify drusen at their earliest stages. Dr. Finch at Tumwater Eye says, “Having newer technology allows us to identify changes much earlier than we have been previously, which helps us reduce the incidence of blindness among our patients.” This medical eye center’s advanced technology features high resolution cameras to monitor drusen.

Tumwater Eye’s latest technology can specifically analyze delayed dark adaptation, which is the cause of reduced or worsening night vision. Congruently, this means the technology can identify AMD before the disease even appears.

This testing has been shown by the latest research to identify AMD years earlier than other examination types. Newer treatment strategies for AMD include specific supplement recommendations based upon genetic testing, protections from damaging blue light, and nutritional counseling to decrease body inflammation as well as improve overall health.

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Fashion Trends: Fall 2021

Fashion is like painting a picture. It is a form of art in itself. It expresses your ideas, beliefs and character to the world. A unique facet of fashion is that each trend can be altered and incorporated to fit your style.

Knit Sweaters

You “sweater” believe fall 2021 will be full of fashionable and functional knit tops. Comfy yet classical, this look brings warmth to the season’s chill.

The Shining through Saturated Shades

Last year was full of neutrals to match the tone of the season. This year, vibrant color shades are boldly breaking through the grey clouds. Rich colors like bubble gum pink, fuchsia, royal blue, scarlet, grass green, violet, tangerine orange, and canary yellow will be emphasized this fall.

Colorful Pastel Leather Coats

Pastel colorful leather coats will be sure to be eyecatching this fall. The look can be paired with neutral basics or artistic designs. When choosing the right length of coat, if you are under 5’6” a mid-length jacket may give you an elongated appearance. If you are over 5’6”, a long jacket that hits above your knees will flatter you the most.

Long Skirts

Want to stay chic into the cool season without giving up your skirt look? This is your year. Lengthy skirts highlight the feminine glam this season.

Yes to Vests

Vests are back. This trend is perfect and adaptable to the season. Whether it is a puffy or a knit vest this piece can be worn over a variety of designs. Depending on your preference, you could wear a vest over a short sleeve shirt, a long sleeve shirt, or over a jacket.

Cozy Quilted Jacket

They are making a comeback. A quilted jacket might just be the outfit staple you were looking for to keep you warm while offering cool aesthetics too.


APCC Celebrates 25th Anniversary

It was 1996 and Patsy Suh O’Connell was searching for a way to honor her recently deceased father. She decided to create a nonprofit that honored his Korean heritage. She brought together a small group of citizens representing three generations of Americans from Asian and Pacific Islander heritage and through their vision, Asia Pacific Cultural Center was formed.

APCC, located on South Tacoma Way in Tacoma, represents 47 countries and cultures and offers programs and services honoring their distinct artistry, business protocols, history, and social practices. The organization also offers a variety of educational, cultural, and language programs throughout the year that are divided into three categories.

Cultural Program Events and Activities, including an annual Asia Pacific New Year Celebration, are held at the Tacoma Dome. An authentic Polynesian luau, a Korean Chuseok festival and Samoa Cultural Week are some of the many activities that make up the first category. The second category is APCC Youth Programs and Activities which ranges from summer learning programs to the Promised Leaders of Tomorrow program that assists local Asian and Polynesian students in reaching their goal of graduating. Food support programs, vaccination clinics and a wide variety of community support programs make up the final category of Outreach Activities and Projects.

To commemorate 25 years, APCC is hosting a 25th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, November 6 from 6-9 p.m. at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center. Attendees will enjoy delicious food, music, and a special presentation from students of Kunjang University in South Korea as well as learn about APCC’s new building project. Tickets for the Anniversary Celebration can be purchased by contacting APCC at 253.383.3900.

Asia Pacific Cultural Center is a not-for-profit formed in 1996 with the mission to bridge communities and generations through art, culture, education, and business. It serves as an interactive cultural crossroads between local and international communities.

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