Asian Fusion: Lemon Grass

lemongrassThe hippest trio of dining spots in the Olympia area, the upscale Asian-fusion Lemon Grass restaurants, started with owner Nicole Pham’s passion for cooking and dedication to seizing every opportunity.

It’s your opportunity to dig into food that’s truly special in standout ways. The menu winds through an array of familiar Thai dishes, but it’s immediately clear that the flavors are diverse. Arousing all five senses, Pham’s dynamic food is art at its tastiest.

The original Lemon Grass opened in downtown Olympia in 1998, followed by the cozy Lemon Grass Cafe in Tumwater in 2010. In 2013 the large, luxurious Lemon Grass Restaurant and Lounge opened in Lacey.

At all three, the decor, ambiance and cuisine are the same: chic, classy, comfortable. Sleek, dark Thai teak meets shimmering glass; the feel is relaxing and intimate. The showpiece in each location is the bar, backlit and framed by eye-catching glass art. A cocktail here, a work of art in its own right, transports your mindset into the most luxe bar in Bangkok.

The food is sheer beauty, each dish artfully plated in a decoupage of natural colors. From the fresh aroma and taste, it’s clear that Pham’s dedication to sourcing from the best regional Asian markets makes her food a standout among many Thai restaurants in the region.

Go-to favorites meander from steaming lime-infused Tom Yum Gai and tangy shrimp mango salad to chewy Singapore and milky-rich chicken apple curry. Appetizers range from grilled Thai peanut prawns to the cold-plated spring rolls. Desserts are all winners, although the strong, sweet Thai coffee curbs the craving for both sugar and caffeine.


For additional information:

The Lemon Grass Restaurant
212 4th Ave W, Olympia

The Lemon Grass Restaurant & Lounge
8125 Quinault Dr NE, Lacey

The Lemon Grass Cafe
5801 Capitol Blvd SW, Tumwater

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