Owens Meats Brings Sizzle To Point Ruston

The Candy Store For The Carnivore, this is a one-of-a-kind, family-owned business that has flourished through five generations. Owens Meats is a specialty meat market with a huge line of fresh choice and prime meats that are aged to perfection.

For over 125 years, Owens Meats has been serving meat to the tables of families in the Northwest and across the country. Owens Meats is the oldest continuously-operated family business in Kittitas County and one of the oldest in the state of Washington.

Owens Meats opened its doors in 1887, two years before Washington became a state. Today, Owens Meats is known as “The Candy Store for the Carnivore” and after over a century of consistent excellence, they have solidified their legacy into the hearts and bellies of people all over the Northwest who have come to cherish this fine establishment.

When they began offering meat from a machine, it was a totally new concept for our region. The ability to buy Owens Meats’ famous meat snacks and treats via vending machines is now available in 12 locations in the Northwest including Point Ruston’s waterfront.

For several months, they have had a vending machine for their premier meats located next to Purpose Boutique. With the success of that location, Owens has now joined the Public Market at Point Ruston with a beautiful 2,300 square foot premier butcher shop at the Point Ruston Market. “ Welove the area and it reminds me of an old fashioned village on the water and our family is thrilled to be able to now offer our products at the new location” says Don Owens. Bring the finest quality specialty smoked and marinated meats to your family this holiday season and experience for yourself why generations of customers have been shopping Owens Meats. When you visit you will likely meet one of the Owens family members that will be working behind the counter. NATALIE BENSON

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