A Huge Step for Thurston County Health

No April Fools’ jokes here, we promise! At exactly midnight on April 1, 2021, MultiCare Health System brought Capital Medical Center (CMC) into their family by purchasing the hospital from a for-profit organization, LifePoint Health. The acquisition was in discussion for about five years and the decision to buy was finally made last Fall. The process only took a quick and impressive 90 days! Since 1882, MultiCare has worked tirelessly to provide the best care and services in Washington State, and to reach their vision of being the Pacific Northwest’s highest-value healthcare system. For Capital Medical Center and all their employees, joining MultiCare is a huge step for Thurston County as it expands healthcare quality and access, and makes achieving this vision possible.

Before MultiCare, as many as 0.08% shares in CMC were privately owned. However, MultiCare bought all of CMC shares back at 100%, which makes it possible for the organization to achieve nonprofit status for the first time in 36 years. And, by the end of the year, they will be their own entity. The sale also allows the Center to fully invest in their faculty and services.

According to Capital Medical Center’s recently appointed President, Will Callicoat, “This isn’t just buying [CMC], it’s an investment in the County. There was a natural and personal desire to further the mission of expanding on the care provided in Thurston County.”

Callicoat is one healthcare professional and County resident that supported this procurement on a personal level. He was jazzed to share with us all the benefits that will be realized over the next seven months. Unfortunately, in the last few decades, investment in the care system was lacking, noticeable even in small things. But through this acquisition, about $8 million dollars went toward much-needed projects: a new IT infrastructure; new technical machines for procedures such as CTC scans and ultrasounds; new chairs and a phone system for employees; and around 88 other crucial items and advancements in neurology, urology and other medical fields.

This is an exciting time for the people of Thurston County and Washington State residents overall. As Callicoat puts it, the partnership between Capital Medical Center and MultiCare Health System will ensure, “Better, safer and more modernized care for the community.”

MultiCare Health System